screen fault

  chass 21:16 12 Jan 2010

anyone know cause/remedy for a dark iregular shadow, from the middle for about 6"to the lefthand side of my T.V screen, Panasonic 32" (4yrs old) looks like a water mark left when wiping dust off but it isnt. noticable when its a light background but its not effecting the picture.

  mooly 08:09 13 Jan 2010

Whats the model number ?

  MAT ALAN 09:23 13 Jan 2010

sounds like "ghosting"

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link may help...

  Graphicool1 09:44 13 Jan 2010

Is your TV a CRT?

  Graphicool1 17:07 16 Jan 2010

Unless asked otherwise, please keep the discussion on PCA. So that others can follow it and maybe even chip in.

Regarding LCD TV problem, it doesn't just apply to Panasonic, it would seem to be across the whole gamut of LCD TV's! Which is making me think about not getting one. There doesn't seem to be a real answer to it, other than, if not you yourself then perhaps someone else may have attempted to clean the screen inappropriately.

As various marks and discolourations can be caused by the way you clean the screen.
IE: if you get it too wet, if you use polish or rub too hard, clean too often or apply too much pressure.

You should use only either 'Screen Wipes', formulated specifically for an LCD screen. A 'Soft Cotton Cloth' or a 'Micro Fibre Cloth'.

To be applied only when the TV/Monitor is turned off and cooled down. As for the latter two products they should only be used in conjunction with...
Vinegar (mixed with water)
Isopropyl Alcohol
Petroleum Benzene

NEVER use...
Ethyl alcohol
Ethyl acid
Methyl chloride
As they can cause damage to coatings or LCD polarisers.
Don't use any cleaner that claims to leave behind a surface protective coating or protective layer.
Has it got an anti-glare coating on the screen surface? Anything that leaves a coating to this surface is going to affect the effectiveness of that anti-glare coating. There have also been noted some hard to remove smudging from these types of cleaning products.

Other items worth noting:
Avoid touching or rubbing the screen with fingers. (oily marks will result)
Exposing the screen to direct sunlight for a long period of time or other heat sources may cause damage to the screen.
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Only you might know if any of these things may have occurred prior to the appearance of the dark mark?

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