dumb_haddik 19:28 02 Apr 2006

About 1 hour ago, my Hard Disk died. i reckon it was a maxtor 40 gig from around 2001. i realise the screen

NTLDR is Missing

means something to do with the hard drive, but tell me, what exactly does it mean, and what could have caused it?


  dumb_haddik 19:32 02 Apr 2006

it's a DOS style screen

  hzhzhz 19:34 02 Apr 2006
  wobblymike 19:40 02 Apr 2006

As hzhzhz above says

It means in plain english that your PC is trying to boot from a hard drive that does not have a bootable source (OS) on it. Either its failed or ths OS is corrupt or its a new drive which is not formatted.

From your intro i get the view that this is your original HDD that you have had for some time - to confirm its failed try and see if it is identified (Primary master I expect) in BIOS when you first switch it on.

  dumb_haddik 19:44 02 Apr 2006

I have not recently made any file changes, nor is it a new drive. It has always been master, and it shouldn't change on it's own, should it?

I have managed to get XP up and running on a stone age 10gig drive, so lickily it hasn't taken the motherbord with it when it blew up.

i slotted it into another PC, and it is not recognised, so it will be going to Hard Drive Heaven soon.


  wobblymike 19:48 02 Apr 2006

Before you can it one thought - it might just be wort rejumpering it to a slave and seeing if it is recognised in that configuration. This happened to me I had a drive which would not function as a master but would as a slave I am still using it as secondary storage. Worth a try.

  dumb_haddik 20:11 02 Apr 2006


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