Screen breakup when scrolling (ATI Radeon 7000)

  HIT any key 15:28 13 Mar 2006

I have had my system with an ATI Radeon 700 installed for about 2 years.
About 6 months ago I found that after a short while playing with Google Earth the screen display would become all distorted (overlaid with lines and dots).

I am now finding the same effect if I do a lot of quick scrolling with display changes (particularly in OUTLOOK with preview set on).

A complete system restart seems to be the only way to resolve this (changing the display settings does not help).

I am not sure but I think this is becoming more frequent. Is this likely to be:-

- A progressive graphics card failure? (in which case what would be a good AGP 4x replacement - No games used)

- A driver problem/incompatibility with other software (e.g. DirectX)?

- Something else?

This does not have the feel of a virus and AVG Free gives a clean bill of health.

  HIT any key 15:30 13 Mar 2006

Sorry / that should be ATI Radeon 7000

  remind 15:44 13 Mar 2006

are you using the latest drivers? catalyst 6.3 - click here
secondly it sounds like overheating - does the card have a heatsink or fan on it?

  HIT any key 16:06 13 Mar 2006

I am not sure about the driver version. The reorted version is from Microsoft dated 23/03/2004 Which seems to be later than the 6.3 fom ATI (although I cannot be sure).

This generation of card did not have a fan or heatsink. I would be surprised if it is an overheating problem as this does not get worse when the compurt has been on longer and a reboot solves the problem. I had this problem twice earlier when scrolling through OUTLOOK to tidz up old emails but I have since been working for about 2 hours without a problem (or stressing the graphics card)

  HIT any key 16:12 13 Mar 2006

Sorry for the mistypes - my keyboard reverted to German.

  remind 16:16 13 Mar 2006

I see what you mean regarding overheating. I'd still update the drivers, the ones I linked to were only updated a few days ago, you appear to be using the standard Windows ones. It may not solve it but is worth a try

  HIT any key 16:22 13 Mar 2006

OK remind, Thanks I am downloading them now and will report back

  Stuartli 16:46 13 Mar 2006

I had the same card for a short time and had the same problem.

I would suspect that the problem is that your PSU is not powerful enough.

  HIT any key 16:46 13 Mar 2006

OK, I have the new drivers installed ( and the whizzy new ATI control Centre.

Took me less than 5 minutes to break it again (in outlook).

Under low stress use like Web I get no problems.

When the problem occurs then all the writing is fuzzy and this is true of the Windows shutdown screen as well.

Unless there are any more ideas then I guess it is the graphics card.

Any suggestions for an AGP 4x replacement?

  HIT any key 16:48 13 Mar 2006

OK Stuartli - replied before I saw your post.

How do I verify that & where do I go from here?

  HIT any key 22:39 13 Mar 2006


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