Screen blank - new Graphics card makes no differen

  jdb 09:38 08 Aug 2008

Have an 8 year old AMD Athlon PC running XP and some 2 weeks ago the monitor started showing "No Signal" when PC booted up. Tested the monitor with my laptop and it works OK. I assumed the graphics card had given up the ghost so bought another.
Put it in yesterday but still "No Signal" is showing. I cannot load the driver CD as not even the boot up screen shows.
I'd be grateful for any advice.
Thank you.

  TonyM 09:43 08 Aug 2008

What signs of life are there from the PC when you switch it on .....any beeps ?, is the hard drive light flashing to show any disk activity ?

  jdb 09:59 08 Aug 2008

No beeps, the green "on" button lights and the red "HDD" light lights up.

  Ditch999 11:39 08 Aug 2008

PSU or motherboard failure?
Try a different PSU and you could try clearing the BIOS to factory defaults by either using the pins on the motherboard or by removing the battery for a couple of minutes with the PC turned off and unplugged.

  jdb 17:23 08 Aug 2008

Ditch999 - thanks but I'm a bit unsure what you mean. "PSU" presumably = Power supply, but as the lights go on - see above - that should be OK?
Would you kindly advise in simple terms what the "pins on the motherboard......" means. I'm afraid this is a bit technical for me!
Thanks for taking an interest.


  woodchip 17:27 08 Aug 2008

lights go on........ don't mean a thing. PSU blown

As Power Supply

  ambra4 17:37 08 Aug 2008

Reseat the memory modules, if more that one tries then one at a time if only one change

the socket to the other one

If still not working try a difference memory module 64, 128, 256Mbs, etc of the correct

type and see if the display come up, if it does you have bad memory modules

Size of the memory modules does not matter, as you only want to check the display come


  Ditch999 18:30 08 Aug 2008

Beside the round silver battery the size of a 10p piece, is usually 2 or 3 pins named CLR_RTC or CLR_CMOS. Shorting these pins (creating a connection) for a couple of seconds resets the BIOS to default settings. Removing the battery has the same effect.

As woodchip says just because the lights are on doesnt mean the PSU (Power Supply Unit) is working ok.

  jdb 21:38 08 Aug 2008

Thank you to all who replied. I will attempt these over the weekend and report back.
Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply.
John B

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