screen blacks out and sometimes switches off

  anneatmuseum 17:25 12 Nov 2014

I run an old ish Dell pc in windows xp, recently the monitor goes black momentarily, then returns to normal. Occasionally the monitor will switch itself off after the screen has gone black, though the pc is still running. Sometimes als well the programme that I am running will freeze at the blackout, then unfreeze a couple of minutes later. Anyone any idea what might be going on? I would be grateful for any help Anne

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 12 Nov 2014

Had a similar thing the graphics card was on its way out

check that the card is fully pushed down in its slot (they can work loose over time)

see if the fan is running on the card and is not all clogged up with dust.

  lotvic 20:49 12 Nov 2014

I've got same as well. Just started happening with my old Dell. Gives you a right fright when screen just blacks out. Grahpic card is on way out, it's been playing up with funny coloured bits for a while. Today it blacks out and then comes back. Get message on screen telling me graphic nVidia error and then recovered. Must get new one ordered smartish :)

I'll reseat it just in case it's worked loose. No fluff or dust on it, 'fraid it's just worn out after 8 years...

  dangerus1 20:58 12 Nov 2014

I had the same trouble with a 23" Viewsonic monitor, I have switched to a large television my daughter gave me and I haven't had any problem so far. Perhaps if you tried a different monitor before changing anything.

  lotvic 21:07 12 Nov 2014

Good point there by dangerus1, yes try a different monitor, it might be that.

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