Screeching on laptop speakers

  EFC1878 14:39 23 Aug 2011

I have a Toshiba laptop and up until recently I have had no problems. However after playing music I heard an awful screeching noise. Now I find that if the speakers volume setting is low it aoppears fine but when I take the volume a little higher [to the half way point] a terrible screeching nows is heard.

I don't know if I have played the musioc too loud and damaged the speakers - but surely this would occur at all volumes wouldn't it? or if it is either a hardware or software fault. Somebody suggested that I may need to download knew drivers and tnhat may resolve the problem.

Any ideas?

  Woolwell 15:03 23 Aug 2011

Is the mic muted?

  Clapton is God 15:29 23 Aug 2011


As far as I can see this is the THIRD time you've posted the same question.

Multiple posts won't get you a quicker answer but it will probably annoy members.

  EFC1878 15:38 23 Aug 2011

No the mic is not muted. Can hear sound ok at low volume level then at a higher level the screeching starts

  EFC1878 15:39 23 Aug 2011

I got an error message when submitting post so resubmitted - it was an innocent mistake and not an intentional multi-postiongn

  Ventad 15:50 23 Aug 2011

When the speakers screech tap the top of the lid where the web camera/mic is and if you can here the tapping through the speakers the mic is on, or lower the lid when it is not screeching and if it starts screeching confirms mic on.

  Woolwell 16:29 23 Aug 2011

Mute the mic. It's probably feedback.

  wee eddie 17:08 23 Aug 2011

Classic Feedback symptoms.

Turn the Microphone's sensitivity down, you should not really need to turn it off but, on the other hand, there is really little point in having it 'On' when it's not in use.

  EFC1878 20:13 23 Aug 2011

How do I tell if the mic is on? I am using Windows 7

  EFC1878 20:22 23 Aug 2011

I think you are right about the feedback. Not sure what I have done to turn the mic on however could you advise how to turn the mic off?

  Woolwell 21:31 23 Aug 2011

I haven't got W7 but it should be through your sound properties in control panel.

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