Screech\ squeal from the psu when playing games

  Demonstar_T 09:40 15 Sep 2008


I have a very strange problem with a new pc build. Essentially I can hear a high pitch screech\ squeal from the psu when playing games. Strangly though this changes pitch when in different parts of the games menu or the game. It also differ's from game to game. I have RMA'd both the psu and graphics card, but the problem still persists. I have also tried the psu outside the pc. The graphics card and CPU are watercooled, so I have ruled out a fan issue on either of these. I would appreciate any thoughts on this issue.

Spec as below:
Intel quad 9450
Asus Striker 2 extreme m\b
BFG Nvidia 260 watercooled GPU
Zalman 850w PSU

  I am Spartacus 10:36 15 Sep 2008

If you're sure it's not a low power warning from the GFX card then I would RMA the PSU again. Replacement depends on the supplier/Zalmans attitude to whether that kind of noise is classed as a fault. Was the PSU advertised as silent/quiet?

I had a similar thing with one of my old PSUs. It was annoying but didn't fail.

  Demonstar_T 11:19 15 Sep 2008

The PSU is down as being a silent psu, however the screech is not of the normal noisy psu type. The PSU will make the same style of screech when clicking on certain buttons in the games menu, and both PSU's made exactly the same screech in exactly the same places. It is not always a steady noise as you would expect from a noisy psu, but changes in style from sounding like a scratching fork to something like an fm radio.

  I am Spartacus 11:27 15 Sep 2008

No, mine wasn't a steady noise either. It always did it on booting and under load though and was mainly a screeching noise that varied in intensity.

I would request another RMA and if you have difficulties with the supplier I would contact Zalman Tech Support for their confirmation that they consider this a fault. Zalman can take a few days to get back to you.

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