'Scratchy Textures'

  SketcH 15:07 22 Feb 2005


For some unknown reason my gaming is being impaired by small black bespeckled patches of 'dancing pixels' that have appeared in the 3D games that I play.

There seems to be a method to it though, as there is often a repetitive pattern of black bespeckled pixel patches throughout the scenery.

I have the latest Nvidia drivers running a 'Gainward Nvidia GeforceFX 5600 Ultra GS', with DirextX9c, one analog LCD, and one digital.

However this problem was around before I set up the dualscreens so I only mention it with reference to the two differing outputs of the g-card displaying the same visual errors.

Am I due a new card?

I've re-installed DX9c, the Nvidia drivers and the monitor drivers.

I think my card might be dying. :o(


  howard60 21:37 22 Feb 2005

you do not say how much memory your card has I would suggest the problem is lack of video memory.

  SketcH 23:16 22 Feb 2005

128mb on the card.

1gb on my system.

  SketcH 17:58 23 Feb 2005

Ok. So last night the 'NVidia Sentinel' popped up telling me I wasn't feeding enough power to feed everything and my my g-card. Yet I'm running a 550w PSU!

Then it occured to me I don't think it has the direct connection to the PSU attached. Could this be a cause for the 'scratchy textures' and even if it isn't.... Can anyone advise me on where to look on the web for instructions on how to fit the cabling for direct power routing to the card? Thanks.

  citadel 18:46 23 Feb 2005

If the card needed extra power it would have a socket for a power lead. I don't think your card needs one. You could try older 5 serious drivers.
If you play games it could be worth getting a better card. A 6800 or 6600gt will be a massive boost on what you have now.

  SketcH 02:04 24 Feb 2005

I've seen this:

click here

Any good?

Also. Does anybody else have any ideas about the scratchy textures?

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