Scratchy Sound Inteference

  liserini 10:41 06 Dec 2004

I have a scratchy interence noise over my regular sound. This noise does not go away if I stop any sounds I have playing i.e. CD/music, it is constant inteference. I know it is not my speakers as I have tested these with my portable CD player. I have tried altering sound levels on my PC and unistalling and reinstalling the soundcard and it's drivers. This problem has only arisen after it was returned from the manufacturers for repair and I had to reinstall everything. I have Soundblaster Live 5.1. The device manager says everything is working ok and there are no conflicts so I can't fathom what the problem is.

  stlucia 12:44 06 Dec 2004

The way you describe it, sounds like a bad connection or something touching where it shouldn't. You've re-installed the sound card, but have you checked that all the bundles of cables -- or even single cables -- are not chafing on something? Another possibility could be a hairline fracture in a circuit board.

But, whatever the problem, it looks suspiciously like it might have been caused by the recent repair, so you might have to sent it back as unsatisfactory.

  liserini 13:51 09 Dec 2004

Problem was due to recent repair, turns out the sound card had been inserted onto a different slot on the replacement motherboard than on my original motherboard. I moved the card onto the slot I thought it had been on before and the sound is working great!

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