scratched disk

  thetrickster 10:19 23 Apr 2006

i have a slightly srcatched disk. the c.d drive is strugling to read the cab file.

any suggestions of help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 23 Apr 2006

1. The solution. Here are the things you need.
-Scratched CD
-dry, soft cloth
-another dry, soft cloth
-vegetable oil

2. Put the scratched CD on a table in front of you with the data side facing up. Wipe the CD clean of dust with one soft, dry cloth, making sure you wipe from the inside out, never circular.

3. Put ONE drop of vegetable oil on the other cloth and lightly dab the areas which are scratched. Make sure you don't put too much on though, use good judgement. Then wipe with the same oil cloth from the inside to the outside of the disc like you just did. Wipe the whole thing so you create a THIN layer of oil. Just use that one drop on your cloth, nothing else.

4. Wait to dry, go outside, go ride a bike, go walk, go have a picnic. Then come back to your castle and take the soft dry cloth you first used without oil to wipe the disc clean of dust again.

5. Insert game into player and play. It is as good as new. Here is what you just did.

6. At the factory, they use synthetic oil to coat and harden over the data to protect it. You basically restored that coating by putting another layer over top of it, which filled the scratches and restored its operational standard.

  Rich Pickings 10:32 23 Apr 2006

If that method doesn't work, you can pick up scratch repair cits from eBay.
If however the CD is scratch is from the top of the CD and has damaged the silver, you have no chance.

  amonra 11:31 23 Apr 2006

I had a SEVERELY scratched music disc and tried the "gentle" approach without success. So I resorted to "Kill or cure" and polished the disc with Jiff household cleaner. Washed and dried the disc, popped it into the player, bingo !
So if you get desperate, try Jiff. (or Ciff as it's now called)

  Diodorus Siculus 11:36 23 Apr 2006

I've found that sometimes it becomes possible to copy a scratched disk using Nero - I don't know why, but it does work.

  Sobeit 11:38 23 Apr 2006

Have you tried a second drive as it is only slightly scratched?
Some are more sensetive than others.

  g0nvs 11:39 23 Apr 2006

My local DVD Rental shop offers a repair service for scratched discs, quite reasonable too.

click here

  pokemom 12:17 23 Apr 2006

I Second NERO like he said it just manages to copy scratched discs ,i had one with XP on it wouldnt boot up to install so icopyed it with nero reburnt it to a nother disc and hey presto nuevo disco worked a treat ,but i do beleive that there is scratched and there is buggered but if you try everything something might work ,depends how far you want to go !

  The Spires 12:39 23 Apr 2006

I bought a Pressit repair kit a couple of years ago which is consists of some small cloths & a fine liquid abrasive and a cd holder. I have used it a few times with success.

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