scratched cd, is it lost forever

  leeknight67 13:34 14 Dec 2003

my friend copied some files from his computer and he wrote on the cd and it has gone through the upper surface so when u look at the cd upside down u can see what has been wrote. and i cant get the files to load up. is it lost forever or is there a way to get it back

  leeknight67 13:44 14 Dec 2003

please help i spent days working on this

  leeknight67 13:44 14 Dec 2003

please help i spent days working on this

  hector 911 14:24 14 Dec 2003

the label surface is very thin compared to writing surface, if you scratch the label side more than likely damaged beyond repair.

  The Spires 14:29 14 Dec 2003

If it's the non label the reading side that's damaged you can often buff the surface up using Cd scratch remover. If it's the top/label side that's damaged maybe with a ball point pen as hector 911 says the data is probably destroyed.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:00 14 Dec 2003

click here for ISO Buster which "might" help you somewhat... no guarantee but worth a try.

  Forum Editor 15:13 14 Dec 2003

sticking a small,white, self adhesive label over the writing.

Be warned that this may cause the CD to 'flutter' under the centrifugal force resulting from its rotation. Keep the label as small as possible.

  Jester2K II 15:29 14 Dec 2003

Alternatively use a label designed to cover the entire CD. Then it'll still balance and hopefully avoid "flutter". Don't stick on by hand - use a CD Labeller kit to do it.

  Peter 16:57 14 Dec 2003


As a last resort you could try some silver or white nail polish painted over the writing on the label side of the disk. Try just a thin layer at first and add some more if necessary. Make sure the nail polish is dry before trying to use the CD.


  woodchip 17:15 14 Dec 2003

If you have holed the label side the disc as gone forever.SORRY

  Smiler 18:33 14 Dec 2003

Try this program

click here

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