Scratched CD!!!

  Ray5776 20:53 27 May 2006

I have recently found an old copy of Office 2000.
A bit outdated I know but a useful program, I have managed to install it on two PC`s and it works OK.
The original is very scratched and I would like to make a copy but no copying software I have tried can read it.
I don`t know whether this is an anti copy thing or because of the scratching. Have tried suggestions from previous postings on how to revive scratched disks but to no avail.
The scratches are not very deep and I wonder how this affects the reading of the data, do they deflect the laser or something, they are not deep enough to have physically cut into the data layer.

Anyone have any comments or suggestions please.

  nikef 21:01 27 May 2006

am not sure what you have already tried,have you tried brasso,heard it works on slight scratches

  Ray5776 21:01 27 May 2006

Just had another thought on this, as I have installed it on my HDD can I copy it from there onto a CD, if so how please.

  nikef 21:05 27 May 2006

i dont think it will allow you to copy it,it may be protected,have you looked in the downloads that is posted here,you may find an office software there

  Ray5776 21:06 27 May 2006

I have tried the vegetable oil trick and silver polish don`t have any Brasso.

  Ray5776 21:14 27 May 2006

Sorry nikef, have I looked in what downloads?

  nikef 21:17 27 May 2006

am not sure how to copy it from hdd,if you can find the files for office,right click to see if you can send it to your cdrewriter,if that dont work then am sure someone else here could help

  nikef 21:19 27 May 2006

on the pc advisor site,look to your left where it gives a list home,news reviews ect you will downloads just underneath

  PC Bilbo 22:17 27 May 2006

Had same problem with my own copy of Office 2000 on reinstall

I overcame by "exploring" CD , highlighting, selecting all and dragging and dropping into a file I created on the hard drive. Then I opened the hard drive file and again "selected all" and sent to CD writer.

This worked for me.Used slower burn speed than you get copying "on the fly"

Good luck

  SHUNNA 22:25 27 May 2006

Try Scratchbusters here
click here

  Ray5776 22:38 27 May 2006

Thanks Nikef & Bilbo,
Thinking about it, it does not really matter whether I can copy it or not. The scratched up version has installed OK on both PC`s. I was looking to make a copy as a back up thats all. Now both PC`s have it installed
the scratched up CD can be the backup.

Thanks you all for your suggestions

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