scratch disk is full

  bludywoman 12:34 03 Jan 2006

Has any one got any idea.....I have a fairly new system from Dell with (apparently) 93% disk space free. I have just tried to open one of my photos in a photo programme, and it wont let me open it telling me that my scratch disk is full!...I have absolutely no idea what this means, apart from the fact that I think this might be related to RAM.....can anyone advise me what to do without making major changes to my system, as I dont want to screw it up......I am like the kiss of death to these machines! they say....a little bit of knowledge is dangerous!!!...Alison

  VoG II 12:39 03 Jan 2006

click here or which photo program is it?

  Biotech 14:33 03 Jan 2006

The scratch disc is a part of your photo programme not windows as such. If you go into the programme options you should see it somewhere such as memory preferences or suchlike.
May have primary and secondary, if so try primary as "startup" and secondary as "C" if that is your main drive.

  shellship 16:45 03 Jan 2006

Looked up error message on Google and found this - click here

Hope it helps.

  shellship 16:48 03 Jan 2006

Sorry - VoG got there before me, as usual.

  woodchip 16:54 03 Jan 2006

As above scratch disk acts like a temp storage Area, in a Photo Edit Program a bit like ClipBoard

  woodchip 16:55 03 Jan 2006

PS you should be able to alter the size of this depending how much mem you have

  bludywoman 22:01 03 Jan 2006

thank you thank you thank you everyone for your advice.....many thanks again to VoG - my hero.....(heroine?)...I am such a dunce when it comes to pc........but went in to clear out all the *.tmp files.....and it seems to have worked.....I can open my photos again.......fingers crossed when I turn this machine off....nothing crashes! there any way that I can have a regular schedule of clearing out the temp. files? so this doesn't happen again?....Alison

  VoG II 22:14 03 Jan 2006

I think that you could schedule this but I don't like using the Task Scheduler - I like to be in control. The only thing that I have running automatically (apart from Windows Update) is creating an image to an external drive using Norton Ghost.

I do the following, normally every Saturday morning but not before I have completed the Telegraph Crossword online (that is irrelevant by the way):

Run Disk Cleanup - you should find it in Start, All programs, Accessories, System tools. This will remove temporary files.

Run Regscrub XP - registry cleaner click here
* Click 'RegscrubXP Finds Problems'
* Let it scan
* Click 'Select All Problems'
* Click 'Fix Selected Problems'
* Click 'Exit'
Job done

Defrag using Diskeeper - free version click here

I'm not a hero - just a bloke with an interest in PCs.

  bludywoman 00:01 04 Jan 2006

ha ha ha....VoG.....well I certainly think you deserve tights AND a cape.....keep up the good work & keen interested.....p.s. what is Norton Ghost for (just as a by the by) use majorgeeks from time to time, believe you redirected me to that before.....yet another day saved!!! Thanks a million. Alison x

  bludywoman 00:03 04 Jan 2006

....p.s. VoG.....made a posting a while back, and I believe it was you that redirected me.... regarding IE keeps coming up with errors and saying must now close, usually does it in batches of three crashes and have to click back onto IE....which is a pain if you are placing a bid in EBAY (sad....I know.....!)...any other bright ideas whilst I have your attention?.Alison

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