Scrap.shs icon on my desktop

  Audeal 21:10 21 Jan 2004

I have had an icon appear on my Desktop and do not know anything about it. The icon is labeled "Scrap" and it has no extension. But when I click on it I get the following error in a window headed "Problem with Scrap/Document Shortcut" and the following info. " Unable to open C:\Docume~1\ (My Name)~\Desktop\Scrap.shs. Object is static; operation not allowed.
Following this path there is another icon at the end of it, neither are shown as Shortcuts with the shortcut arrow. Does anybody know anything about this file.

When I checked the file extension list on the web I get the following info about it.
SHS ....... Shell scrap file; reportedly used to send "password stealers"

It sounds rather dangerous to have around. Can anyone tell me about it.

I have done a full Virus Scan with Norton Anti Virus, which found nothing. I have also done a full "deep scan" using Ad-aware 6 Plus, which found nothing and lastly a scan using Spybot S&D and nothing found.

I do feel that I should delete these icons but I do not know if it will leave anything behind if I do. I would be grateful to anybody who could enlighten me on this icon and it's safety on my system.


  cycoze 21:47 21 Jan 2004

Is it possible someone using your computer , has copied some text from word or note pad and accidently saved it to the desktop ? this by far would be the simplist cause .

Your search is part right , these files can be used in the manafactur/running of viruses/trojans , with the correct code and a little knowledge , some bits from Windows it can be done , i`m not saying anymore than that as it would be irresponsible .

Have you checked the properties of the file to when it was created ?

You can copy and paste it into a new word/notepad document , to see what it is , i would only advocate doing that after trying everything else.

  AndyJ 22:09 21 Jan 2004

Delete it. Do not attempt to open it. Many SHS scrap files are used as "password stealers". It's most likely arrived in your email. If you have opened it, you may have a problem click here

  cycoze 22:44 21 Jan 2004

AndyJ is quite right , if you cannot find out where it came from , then delete it! i should know better :o(

AS above though a paste onto the desktop is a possibility , i did say it would be irresponsible to say anymore about how executables can be made , unfortunatly my last comment wasnt thought through , shame on me , although in my defense i wasnt suggesting double clicking and running the file .

  Audeal 10:20 22 Jan 2004

cycoze: Thanks for your reply. As I live alone, no one uses my computer so what ever happened is my own fault, I don't have anyone elst to blame (shame). I did click on the icon and got a load of garbage. I tried to open it in NotePad but got the same result (Garbage). It does say it can be opened with "Shell Scrap Object Handler", what ever that is suppose to be, but it will not open. So I do not know if it has been triggered off or not. So far I have not detected any changes in my system so I don't know if it is active. I have now deleted it and waiting to see if anything happens.

I am not one for opening e-mail unless I know where it comes from, but, as we all know some e-mails do appear friendly and are opened when they should not be opened. So I have only myself to blame.

Andy]: Thanks for that link. It is more indepth than anything I have yet seen.

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