Scrap Heap Challenge - IE6 Download

  Flaco 18:21 21 Apr 2004

I've saved an old PC (Dell Optiplex Gs) from the scrap heap for a housebound neighbour who just wants to surf.

It's running Win 98 and I've sorted out [loaded] as many updates as possible. The donor gave me an old Aztech PCI modem which I've installed and I managed to locate a driver on the web. The current version of IE is 4.0 so I want to load 6.0.

Here's the problem: I can't hook up the Aztech modem to my ADSL line to download IE6 and I don't fancy attempting a 2.5hr+ download on analogue. All the IE6 download links I've found are just for the initial setup exe (and of course, accessing that via my XP-running PC negates access to the Win98 IE6 downloads). Anyone have any painless suggestions for how I can get IE6 onto the Dell? I have a network card on my PC but... Can I network the two via Serial ports?

As concerns updating / patching Outlook Exp, I've no idea what I can do about that.

  Confab 18:26 21 Apr 2004

Just install your adsl drivers on to the old pc and hook it up via your adsl line. You'll then be able to download the updates.

I've doen this several times on other peoples PC's


  Gemma 18:38 21 Apr 2004

1. Instal a cheap CD drive (£15 or less).

2. Buy a PC magazine (you know the one..) and remove cover disk (these days a Kango breaker seems to be the favourite way).

3. Install IE6 and OE6 (they come together normally).

4. Sign up to a PAYG ISP.

5. Instal updates.

6. Job done.

  GaT7 18:41 21 Apr 2004

Or, if you buy/subscribe to any PC mags with disks most of them will have a copy of IE6 which you could install from there.

  GaT7 18:47 21 Apr 2004

Sorry Gemma, I'm too slow!

  Chronos 18:51 21 Apr 2004

I can not help, but i do like the title.


  AL D. 19:18 21 Apr 2004

try this download, and burn to cd rom

click here

  crimbo 20:01 21 Apr 2004

The free Tiscali disca all have a copy of IE6 on them

  Flaco 23:57 21 Apr 2004

'Crimbo's rushed out to forage in the yard and has come up WITH... the annoying Tiscali disc they stick into the mag with a dead slug! Oooooh, yes, the Dell smokes it's way over the line just seconds in front of the furious crusher!'

Ladies and gents, thanks for the input. Some I'd already tried and the rest looked like they would have provided me with a bit of fun, but in the end the dreaded mag debris had a full copy of IE and OE. Why was I born so dense?

ps - looks like the HDD has got just enough room for a couple of hours internet caching! :))

  User-312386 23:59 21 Apr 2004

the updates disc which M$ is now despatching click here

  Flaco 15:49 25 Apr 2004

I've done that was well in case I need access to it again at some point in the future.

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