scrambled screen

  dontaskme 19:51 16 Jun 2005

While my girlfriend was working on her laptop (xp pro), the screen started flickering and then became unreadable. It doesn't look like a screen problem because i can change the resolution and the size of the scrambling (best i can think of to describe it) changes. It does however start as soon as the laptop is turned on and not just windows.

I did a system restore which temporarily fixed the problem, but i noticed other problems mainly around windows explorer (clicking on recycle bin opened about 10 different explorer pages). Then about 10 minutes later the screen scrambled again. Using system restore to go back to an earlier date didn't work a second time.

I can't run antivirus software, because i can't read it. Is it a known virus or software/hardware problem? Is there anything i can do to fix it?

  Graham ® 19:57 16 Jun 2005

Sounds like the backlight tube is failing.
click here

  Graham ® 19:59 16 Jun 2005

A picture of one click here

  dontaskme 20:09 16 Jun 2005

click here

I tried to have a look on the internet to describe what i mean. it's a bit like that with with a pattern of squares that are unreadable. moving things around (open folders) leaves drag marks.

I'm confused because a system restore initially fixed the problem

  dontaskme 20:20 16 Jun 2005

I've just been told it looks like interference on sky digital.

  VoG II 20:24 16 Jun 2005

Reinstall graphics drivers?

  Graham ® 20:36 16 Jun 2005

Not the tube, then :-)

  DieSse 21:11 16 Jun 2005

"I can't run antivirus software, because i can't read it"

Surely the AV is already running - if not, why not.

  DieSse 21:13 16 Jun 2005

To be more helpful - if it starts before even Windows starts (you did say this, if I read you right) - then it's probably a fault with the graphics - not a software issue.

  dontaskme 21:51 16 Jun 2005

I'm really confused now. I put the recovery cd that came with the laptop in and thought i had better check here before proceding. It's fine at the minute.

Does that mean it's likely to be software related? I'll try updating the graphics if i can.

  dontaskme 23:11 16 Jun 2005

It appears to work if it is restarted a couple of times.

Having searched the internet, I have found a similar situation:

click here

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