Scrambled Files

  dabthoms 23:25 01 Feb 2004

My Os is XP Pro and I’m using Office XP Pro with FrontPage. All files in My Documents folder are no longer either in alphabetical or numerical order. The pages in My Webs file are also scrambled. If I open and save a page in My Webs it goes to the top of the first column. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including Detect and Repair, without success, and I’d hate to have to re-install. I cannot think of anything I could have inadvertently or deliberately done prior to this happening that would have caused it. This has happened only in FrontPage.

  DieSse 23:31 01 Feb 2004

Go to View - Arrange icons by - and choose Name. This should get them back into alphabetical order.

Or you can just click on the title bar "Name" in the right hand panel - each click reverses the sort order.

  dabthoms 23:53 01 Feb 2004

Afraid not DieSse, I've already done that and it makes no difference.

  DieSse 00:09 02 Feb 2004

Have you got the View set to "Details" - if not try this first, before the Sort by Name.

Also try changing to Sort by Type, then back to Name - in case it's get it's options confused!

  dabthoms 13:13 02 Feb 2004

I've tried every combination possible and nary a one solves the problem. It's the only part of the Office Suite to be affected, Access, PowerPoint, Excel etc are fine.

  Gemma 14:06 02 Feb 2004

Files listed by Explorer are always ordered in some way.

However, it is possible, by a slip of the mouse, to drag the column header split (date, size, name etc.) so that the column that is the sort key is hidden.
View / Choose columns allows you to customise, set the order of colums and width. I can't think of a way to uncover hidden columns other than grabbing the split line and dragging it. Set the view to Details first.

  dabthoms 19:03 02 Feb 2004

Thanks, Gemma, but that was not the reason, which still remains a mystery. I have got hold of a stand-alone copy of FrontPage and I'll re-install. Many thanks to both you and DieSse.

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