scrabble will not work on Windows 7

  gerryp25 23:03 03 Oct 2011

Hi everyone, about 10 years ago I bought a Scrabble game which was on 2 floppy discs from Virgin. I first used it on ME with no problems, I upgraded my computer to XP, again the programme downloaded with no problem. I then bought a desktop which had Win 7 starter, again no problems.( I had to buy a USB floppy disc drive ) Eventually I bought a new desktop which had Win 7 full home edition installed. When I try to install the scrabble it said it couldn't operate on this system, seeing that this game is my wife's favourite game I am in the doghouse until I can get it working. I can't understand why it works on the notebook but not on the desktop. Can anyone come up with any suggestions, I would buy another prgramme but cannot find one for Win 7. Thanks for any help

  northumbria61 23:39 03 Oct 2011

How to install older software in Compatibility Mode

  sharpamat 07:45 04 Oct 2011

we have scrabble running on 2 win 7 systems. an old version installed by opening the disc then installing as Administrator

  gerryp25 23:07 04 Oct 2011

Hi to both members who tried to help me but neither helped. I tried the Compatability mode, I followed the instructions ' Place the applications installation file on the Desktop'. When I opened the disc I found 2 applications-( setup-application-51kb, and scrabble 205 kb).don't know if I followed the instructions correctly but I sent both these applictaions as copies I get the message compatabilty problem with the (setup file ) and with the scabble file I get the message ( windows cannot find A:\scrabble.exe) check you typed it correctly), now the scrabble.exe came from the disc directly so that wasn't typed at all. In a bit of a mess at the moment, you can probably see I am not exactly an expert in the computer world being an OAP, so if both northumbria61 and sharpamat could possibly give me more information on their respective methods I would be most grateful ( please spell it out for the OAP thicko) Thanks for yur help up to now

  sharpamat 07:58 05 Oct 2011

The information in the disc to enable installation will tell your computer it is on Disc A so copying to your desk top will not alter this

Try putting the Disc in the drive, Open It and highlight the setup, then right button on your mouse and select Run as Administrator To use the Program Compatibility Wizard open it and follow the prompts,at each stage select what you want it to do, and at the end you will be able to save your setting. As you have this on a floppy dont forget that most modern computers do not have a floppy drive so select it manually by the prompts As for OAPs some of us already are

  gerryp25 23:00 05 Oct 2011

Hi sharpamat, did what you suggested with the setup file but got the message that the file was not compatible with my version of Windows. I think the time has come to call it a day and stop wasting your time. Thanks for trying, have you any idea where I might be able to buy a more recent version?

  robin_x 23:32 05 Oct 2011

There are lots of online Scrabble sites. Some I think you don't have to play against others if you don't want.

Might be fun to try. (beware: online games can be very addictive!)

Sorry I don't know the best sites or game to buy.


  robin_x 13:16 07 Oct 2011

I had an idea last night (not tested)

I believe Linux/Wine will run Windows 16 bit apps.

Linux Pinguy in particular automatically launches Wine when you click on a .exe???

Although other Linux distributions will also run Wine. May take a bit of faffing.

Why not burn Pinguy to CD and boot and try? Or use VMWare to run it in Windows?

Just an idea.

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