'Scott's Documents' folder.. is blank!

  theDarkness 22:55 09 Feb 2010

If I click on the START button, then on 'My Documents', i can view and use all my files.
however, if I click on the 'my computer' icon, then on 'Scott's Documents'- the folder is completely empty! For some bizarre reason, its because its now pointing to C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService

Is there an easy fix? I usually use 'My Documents' via the START button, but I did wonder as to why 'Scott's Documents' is now pointing to an empty local service folder. There does not seem to be a way to correct 'Scott's Documents'.


  gengiscant 14:14 10 Feb 2010

Have a look here, but scroll down to the 9th post which is a corrected reg fix.It might help.
click here

  theDarkness 00:32 27 Feb 2010

I think its along the right lines, but I still cannot get the computer to browse to the right location. clicking on "START > MY DOCUMENTS" still works. I can see all my files. clicking on the "my computer" icon, then on "Scott's Documents" ... still leads me to the empty folder C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\My Documents.

I do not know how the registry could have been corrupted or changed to end up at local service, and I dont know where to browse and edit in order to make sure my personal folder is not an empty "local service" one.

thanks for the suggestion though

  theDarkness 01:00 27 Feb 2010

ps I deleted "hp" in that registry fix, assuming that would then give the correct path, but it did not make any difference. I did notice that after a restart, when clicking on my computer, only "shared documents" is now showing up. This is ok as "my documents" is still working straight from the start menu, and ive added "my documents" to the desktop also.

  beeuuem 02:32 27 Feb 2010

In the left hand pane of 'My Computer' right click on 'My Documents'.

Select 'Properties', left click on Move. In the window which opens expand 'My Computer' and navigate to the actual location of your 'My Documents folder on the C drive ( or whichever drive it happens to be on.)

Click 'OK'
The target path window will change to show the correct location.

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