scottishmail --- forgotten password

  woofwoofbark 13:55 05 Sep 2005

can anyone please help , i have forgotten my password for , my comp packed up a few months ago , it was an old machine , anyways ... since i have a new comp up and running i have forgotten my password for the above site , i change it on a ragular basis and forget what i used at the time ,ive clicked forgotten password and have filled a small form that then continues to ask my secret question , FAVE SONG ? i have no clue as I opened that account around 4 years back and , it seems I have a fave song every month , so how can i remember what song i used way back then ????

has anyone got any help on what i could/should do ? as it is my main email to do with .... ebay asks for a credit card number to change the email address in my account on ebay but i dont use my card in there ....

this is so bugging

help please !


  Diodorus Siculus 14:04 05 Sep 2005

Contact scottish mail I suppose...

  pj123 14:16 05 Sep 2005

As Diodorus Siculus says. Contact them and they will give you a backdoor password. You can then change it to whatever you like. They may also ask you for your fave song, but as you have forgotten that also, they may/may not give you a clue? If not they may ask other security questions. If all that fails it looks like you may have to register again with a different user name and password.

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