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  ricvic 17:24 11 Jun 2010

Hi all. I'm chair of governors at a primary school. The school server is due for replacement after 5 years. The server holds the students work and provides the proxy server for (filtered) internet access. The school is v unhappy about the increasing sluggishness of the system. The tech says that the client pcs need more memory: while I always add memory to my pcs, I wonder whether a wipe and reinstall would also help). I'm after any advice, and actual experience of cloud based alternatives. I've looked at the offerings from MS & google docs, but had no first hand experience of how well they work. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

  T I M B O 17:44 11 Jun 2010

I think that the computers basic hardware is important, buy cheap buy twice. Here is good ram for you>> click here

I have used crucial ram for over 10 years and never had an issue. Excellent product i feel.

Doing a clean install is also an excellent idea, i reinstall all my pc's once every 6 months, but for a school that's a bit too much work. Indeed these computers may need to be cleaned out if you feel a format is not a good idea.

  lotvic 00:05 12 Jun 2010

Ask the tech to submit a written report of his recommendations and then do the costings and discuss with the Board.

Recommendations should contain several different options from the cheapest, improved, new system etc.

Consult other schools as well to find out how they have theirs set up.

  LastChip 14:20 12 Jun 2010

In order to give you a sensible answer to your question, we would need to know a lot more about your network.

Simply saying more RAM or a fresh install would make a difference, is nonsense.

How many computers is the server servicing?

What operating systems are you using (server and client)?

How is the server set up?

What speed does the network run at?

Theses are only a handful of basic questions that need to be addressed before any sort of sensible answer could be given and certainly, there is an awful lot more to providing a speedy system than just that.

It could be for example, you have a network "traffic jam" somewhere, or a misconfiguration that is slowing down the whole system.

Cloud based solutions are becoming more in vogue, but you have to ask yourself whether it would be what you really want.

For example, once you commit to the cloud, you are getting professional grade equipment and expertise, but the downside is, you hand over complete control and can only have whatever the service provides.

As everything is provided by the vendor, your internet connection speed becomes critical, and if your schools connection is at the lower end, you could be in for a very rude awakening, particularly if you're servicing a number of computers simultaneously.

Networks such as yours need expert set-up, and my best advice (if your budget allows) is to seek expert advice.

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