School website - advice please.

  fred karno1 15:13 19 Jan 2008

I have built and now maintain, using MS Frontpage, a primary school website, the head teacher intends to start a website club for the pupils, to encourage them to use the site to display their own work. It would be useful if the pupils could upload their work to the site, at the moment either the head or I do that using the publishing feature in Frontpage.
I am aware that software is available to control access to sites, does anyone know of a program that would allow the pupils to upload their work to the site but prevent access to the site structure.

A second question if I may, same site. Photographs are the lifeblood of a school website and we use a lot of them. We currently use the photogallery feature in Frontpage but although it does the job it is 'clunky' and time consuming.
Does anyone know of a program that would provide a photogallery that would work with Frontpage.

  CodeMeister 16:58 19 Jan 2008

Include a WYSIWYG editor within one of your pages (click here for an example) and then simply save the resulting HTML within your file structure. Pupils wouldn't even get to see the site structure let alone have access.

You could use a Flash movie (click here for an example) to implement your photo gallery.

click here for another example.

  fred karno1 18:01 19 Jan 2008

Thank you for your response.
Will have a look at FCKeditor but as I understand it, the head and I would have to learn how to create pages in another editor. Would prefer to use FP and limit their access if that is possible.

The Flash movie photo galleries would certainly look better and for my own information will look to see how they work, but I have some reservations about requiring our specific users, the parents, to install additional software to look at the photographs. Will have to think about that implication and discus with the head.

  CodeMeister 18:06 19 Jan 2008

WYSIWYG editors such as the FCKeditor are actually embedded within a web page and accessed via the internet, whereas FrontPage is an application that needs to be installed on a machine.

I think that something like 95% of web browsers already have the Flash plugin installed, so there should be no issues with installing additional software.

  mco 20:23 19 Jan 2008

As for your pupils uploading their work - have you come across this? Making the News? click here (I am a teacher btw) If you get your school onboard then pupils (under your aegis if you wish) can have easy access to their own page on which they write reports and can upload work - and you just need to link to it on your Front Page site. So it meets your requirements but doesn't mess with your system - and their reports get wider publicity as there is an RSS feed to other schoolsanother option for your photos -we use this on our school VLE is free webalbum maker click here and also free J-Album click here Both these your parents should be able to view fine as Codemeister says.

  mco 20:26 19 Jan 2008

for poor grammar there - was cutting, copying and pasting. When you go to the Making the News link, click on 'home' to see what it's all about.

  fred karno1 15:30 20 Jan 2008

Not too concerned about access to FP as all our networked machines have it installed.

Am reasured regarding the Flash programs.

  fred karno1 15:44 20 Jan 2008

Thank you for your response.
Will have a look at ‘Making the news’ as it achieves our aim and our head teacher may be interested the wider communication possibilities.

Will also have a close look at ‘Web album maker’ as it claims to do just what I require. I have looked at J-Album in the past but it is a stand alone web album. It claims to integrate with your own website but the process looked a bit iffey.

  mco 17:12 20 Jan 2008

I'm not sure what you mean then by 'stand alone' album - webalbum maker works the same as J-album and you basically just drag and drop your images into it, and it will make you a whole folder (like a mini-site) which you then ftp to your school site and then link to the index page - doesn't mess up your site but is still part of your site - here's an example of webalbum maker on our school Moodle: click here
and here's an example of J-Album, likewise
click here

  fred karno1 17:39 20 Jan 2008

When researching a better photo gallery J-Album was recommended to me. When I looked at it I got the impression that the album was uploaded to their servers and you linked to that.
Certainly the results on your school site are very impressive compared to ours click here
Will go away and play!

  fred karno1 18:55 20 Jan 2008

Downloaded Web Album Maker did a test album and uploaded it, stunned how easy it was. Your guidance was very helpful thank you. That is the photo gallery bit sorted!

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