Scheduled defragment failing to start

  thumbscrew 20:43 10 May 2015

For the last two days I've scheduled my Disc Defragmenter to start at 2000 hours and on both occasions it hasn't started. I ran it manually to check and it was 2% fragmented and it completed successfully. I run Windows 7 and would appreciate anyone's help.

  robin_x 21:48 10 May 2015

W7 defrags automatically (unless it's broken)

You shouldn't need to be doing it

  thumbscrew 21:56 10 May 2015

Negative, it only defrags automatically if you set it thus, IE schedule it to do so, otherwise you do it manually.

  robin_x 22:09 10 May 2015
  thumbscrew 22:21 10 May 2015

Yes exactly Robin, it's automatically set for 3.00am and because my machine (And I would suggest most people's) is turned off then, I reset it for 8.00pm. As I stated in my's not defragging.

  robin_x 22:31 10 May 2015

OK sorry.

Defrag is not a big issue and 2% is a very good result.

It doesn't really have to be run every week, every month or 3 months manually would be fine.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Free is one of the best (Windows Defrag is very slow) but Auslogics comes with Bundleware these days so be careful if you try it.

Only defrag hard drives. SSDs should not be defragged.

  robin_x 22:34 10 May 2015

Alternative would be to re-install Windows (or Repair Install/In-place Upgrade with W7) to fix the broken scheduler.

I don't think that's worth the hassle for just this.

If you find other parts of Windows are playing up, it might be worth it

  thumbscrew 22:35 10 May 2015

Thanks again Robin, as you correctly state, 2% is acceptable but I'm irked by the fact that it won't start and I'd be interested to find out why. I appreciate your time and thanks for pointing me towards Auslogics. All the very best amigo.

  wee eddie 22:42 10 May 2015

I thought I might add my three ha'peth worth here.

Sunday night is Maintenance Night: CCleaner > Malwarebytes > SAS > Kaspersky > Windows 7 - Incremental Backup to External Drive > W7 Defrag. Which all finishes somewhere around 3am.

The only bit that I have failed to manage is to get the PC to Shut Down when it's finished all that, but I regard that as a very minor detail

  robin_x 22:47 10 May 2015

I've given up being irked, there's always something to be done or tinkered with :-)

My main priority, every few days or a week, is a full System Image Backup to external HDD.

That's important!

  thumbscrew 22:59 10 May 2015

Sounds like a great night in, Eddie!

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