Scheduled Defrag of C Drv in XP - anyone know how?

  Glancing Blow 21:56 31 Oct 2004

I have battled for sometime now to try and get the computer to turn on in the night and Defrag the C drv, and the others if poss? But it will only start the Defrag Prog and not the Defraging of the C drv.

Out of interest I can get it to do things like Norton Scan at night. But I am just unable to get it to perform the Defrag of the C drv.

Any Ideas?

  jabisfab 22:45 31 Oct 2004

Have you got Norton Utilities and checked out Speed Disk? This has Schedule Options included to optimize drives and dependant upon level of defragment.

  VoG II 22:51 31 Oct 2004

Or use Diskeeper click here and the "Set it and Forget it" option.

  PSF 22:52 31 Oct 2004

I do not know of any programs that will automate the defrag, you could just click start when you go to bed.

If you defrag at least once a week it should not take long, my master drive is 120gb with 65gb used, a defrag only takes 5-10 minutes.
With XP if the pc is left on it does organise itself (mini defrag) when you leave it idle.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:43 30 Nov 2004

I guess there's no free equivalent to Diskeeper 9? Is it something you use and recommend?

  Technotiger 14:16 30 Nov 2004

Hi, go to click here (Free) this does allow you to set your own automatic defrag schedule. The defrag is also very speedy. lol

  Technotiger 14:18 30 Nov 2004

ps: The defrag program is called VoptXP ...

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:04 01 Dec 2004

Anyone else use this VoptXP defrag program, and without problems?

  ACOLYTE 19:12 01 Dec 2004

click here

The lite version and free version of diskeeper,i used to use this before i went to diskeeper8,its good but only does 1 hard drive at a time.

  Technotiger 19:13 01 Dec 2004

Hi again, I use it all the time without problems, otherwise I would not have recommended it. lol It was earlier recommended within this forum, which is where I got it - and very glad I did.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:21 01 Dec 2004

Cheers for feedback, helps to know you were lead to it via this forum.

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