Scart To HDMI

  dogbreath1 13:01 18 Apr 2009

Not strictly PC, but....

A friend has a freeview box with Scart output. He's seen a good value flat screen TV but it only has HDMI input. Is there such a thing as a Scart to HDMI cable? Is the connection in any way possible?



  Uboat 13:15 18 Apr 2009


try this!

click here

or this

click here

  Technotiger 13:19 18 Apr 2009

Scart/HDMI adapter or cable - as far as I am aware, such a beast does not exist.

However, the digi-box can be connected to TV via the coax cable. Connect main aerial to Digi-box RF In, then connect coax loop cable from dig-box to TV socket RF In.

  Technotiger 13:21 18 Apr 2009

Uboat just sunk me - still never too late to learn. Anyway, my way should still work without the adapter.

  Uboat 13:26 18 Apr 2009


LOOOL aww sorry

  dogbreath1 13:26 18 Apr 2009

Thanks for that. I can't see a suitable cable on the Maplin site (I'd already looked), but the adapter seems like it could offer a solution.

  Technotiger 13:31 18 Apr 2009

Note - the adapter does not have a particularly good 'Press'.

  dogbreath1 13:32 18 Apr 2009

I think you're probably right about the absence of a suitable cable. The adaptor isn't cheap, but my mate will have to balance the respective costs of the cheaper HDMI reliant flat screen and dearer, more flexible products.

  natdoor 21:10 18 Apr 2009

The freeview channel selected will only be output via the RF out link if the freeview box has an in-built RF modulator. Early models had a modulator but later ones do not. It is possible to purchase a modulator or use can be made of a VCR, feeding the freeview Scart output into the VCR and using the RF modulator in the VCR, used to provide an RF output for tape recordings, to connect to the TV via the RF out connector.

  woodchip 21:16 18 Apr 2009

Never known a LCD TV not have Scar connectors, Are you sure?

  woodchip 21:16 18 Apr 2009

Without Scart how do you connect other Hardware to it?

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