SCART to Computer?

  EmBeZzLeR 18:14 05 Dec 2003

I'm trying to think of a way to connect a SCART lead connection, which inputs CCTV into a 24 hour video recorder, to my PC.

I was thinking, if i purchase a new graphics card with some sort of TV input and some how convert the SCART connection so that it feeds into the video recorder and the PC.

Is this possible? Anyone have any ideas?

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Thank you.

  madPentium 18:49 05 Dec 2003

yep, a tv card and a scart to phono should do the trick. This provides scart to audio and composite video.

See this site.. click here

and do a search for scart.
You will see the scart to 6 phono plugs in the list.

  EmBeZzLeR 21:50 05 Dec 2003

thanks, i'll have a go and let you know.

  EmBeZzLeR 15:53 06 Dec 2003


Would i have to buy a Graphics card with a TV input/output or a TV card. I know you've said TV card but i'm just making sure :)


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