scart adapters?

  Rennaissance 22:36 07 Jan 2004

hello, i would like to know if there are such things as scart adapters that has scart input or output so i can transfer i.e. video from a scart device to my pc. Would they come as a PCI card or something else. Or maybe a usb adapter. Thanks in advance.

  Tim1964 22:51 07 Jan 2004

I would have guessed you'll need a PCI card with a TV 'tuner' in it. The type that allows you to watch/record TV. The output from the video/camcorder/antenna will all be the same to the card on the PC.

  Rennaissance 22:55 07 Jan 2004

thing is i wanted a card which has scart input. I already have a tv tuner and it only has one composite port and not s video or anything. I thought Scart would be more reliable anyway, And isn't scart analogue? So converting to digital will take a long time. Hmm... anyone else know if these exist or if it is possible.

  DieSse 23:57 07 Jan 2004

What you need is a cable with a SCART at the TV end, and the right connections for your TV card at the other.

Loads of versions of that available at any decent TV shop.

  Muckle 00:15 08 Jan 2004

I got the leads/components from my local Maplins - less than a tenner!

  Rennaissance 15:29 08 Jan 2004

thanks all, only have a yellow composite on tv tuner, which i think only supports video and not audio as i would need the red and white composites also. Might try it though, will buy a lead over the weekend from maplins or other. Will post back.

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