Scared to use RegScrubXP

  cocteau48 13:42 02 Jan 2007

Over the past year I have used a selection of reg cleaners including CM Diskcleaner,Reg Mechanic and Eusing reg cleaner all with varying degrees of success but with NO major disasters. The first time I used the CM Diskcleaner it registered over 500 items which were duly "fixed",(after backing up the reg)and all was well with the system.

After reading about RegScrubXP on this forum I gave it a try and again registered over 500 items. There were months between the two 500+ scans and in the period in between the other reg cleaners would normally highlight a mere handful of fixes.

Anyhow,after again backing up the reg before running the RegScrubXP,I "fixed all" and all appeared well - until I rebooted when I found that
Windows would not open any programme
without knowing which prog had created it and also AVG was looking for a licence key before it would launch.
Fortunately restoring the reg backup cured all but I am now literally scared to try it again as I would not have a clue as to which of the 500 items to allow and which to fix.
Is Regscrub XP that much more vigorous than the other cleaners and should I just leave well alone and stick with the "safer"ones? Other forum contributors seem to have no problems with it.

  anskyber 13:48 02 Jan 2007

I can only speak for my own experience. I used RegScrub and it did remove the odd thing I did not want it to do, not as significant as your problems.

I now use Registry Mechanic and its been fine. It's worth remembering not to get too fixed on these things. A tidy Registry is helpful but if it is too squeaky clean the dangers increase.

  johndrew 13:56 02 Jan 2007

In common with anskyber I use RegScrub on occasions and have never had a problem. Generally I use CCleaner or Registry Mechanic but have also used CleanUp! with no problems.

I should add that I always backup my registry with ERUNT before any cleaning with any program.

  SURVEY 13:57 02 Jan 2007

I too use RegScrub and CCleaner on a regular basis. Both find a few problems and 'fix' them but I have never had the sort of problem you describe.

  Input Overload 14:16 02 Jan 2007

I have used various versions of RegSupreme Pro for some years click here without any problems, it also will attempt to repair the items it finds.

  skidzy 14:48 02 Jan 2007

I also use Regscrubxp and find it pretty reliable.One of the issues it does have on some systems,is it does something with the registry regarding Flashplayer,ive worked on this for months and still no nearer the answer.However,this is easily fixed by downloading Flashplayer again,sometimes with an uninstall first.

I no longer have this problem,but was a very common problem a while ago.

Luckily for me,i often use Ccleaner/Regscrub/Cleanup and cannot moan at all.

  dunderheid 15:51 02 Jan 2007

The last time I used Regscrub it made such a hash of things (Or maybe it was I who made the hash of things)I had to reinstall Windows.

I would never use it again, but maybe I was overzealous!

  cocteau48 15:52 02 Jan 2007

Many thanks for all the input.
I have tried it again (after backing up) and it has not affected the prog files this time but AVG still will not load without a licence key being entered. Even trying the AVG repair or re-install option will not progress without a licence key being entered. I do not recall AVG (Free) requiring a licence to install first time. So I have just reinstated the back-up again and got back to square one. Possibly the only answer is to un-install AVG/run RegScrub/and re-install AVG afresh. Either that or try and sus out which of the 500 odd entries which it wants to fix are pertinent to AVG.

  realist 19:25 02 Jan 2007

I ditched Regscrub in favour of Registry Mechanic
click here

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