Scared to clean up my computer

  johnincrete 05:59 20 Jan 2010

My computer is now running slowly. I see much advice about tidying up the registry & getting rid of junk, paricularly downloaded free programs that don't uninstall completely. But I'm scared to do anything because of my ignorance - I'm a computer USER not and expert.
You REAL experts out there: what advice can you give?
What programs can I use that I can safely rely on and which don't require me to take decisions that I am not qualified to make.
There's so much software that promises so much but some of the horror stories I see in this forum make me wary. I'd love to just give my computer to a real expert to do it for me but here in Crete my experiance is that the "experts" aren't and they approach the problem with typical Greek macho man style!

  Kevscar1 06:21 20 Jan 2010

Download and run CCcleaner. Use it reg cleaner as well. Ben using this foryears and it,s simple and effective.

  howard64 06:45 20 Jan 2010

a simple thing to check is what is starting up with the pc. Click on start - run - type - msconfig then press enter. Go to the top tabs towards the right and click on startup. You will find a list of things that start when you boot up. The ones with a tick in the left hand box are the ones that start. I only have ticks in the firewall and virus checker and my graphics adaptor. I take the ticks out of all others. Click on apply and reboot the pc. When it restarts place a tick in the box on the left hand side and see if it is quicker.

  badgermansix 07:58 20 Jan 2010

I would do a complete backup first as well, so that if anything does go wrong, you can alsways revert back and start again, especially as you will be changing stuff in the registry.

  folsom 12:20 20 Jan 2010

Agree with Kevscar, CC easy to use and it lets you back up your registry before you start to clean it. Try it you will see a big difference, and then use it on a regular basis,(i do it weekly).

  Batch 12:40 20 Jan 2010

Apart from the usual anti-virus, firewall etc. software, my number one recommendation for ANY PC user is Acronis True Image (or something similar).

You may ask why I am saying this when you are asking about cleaning out your PC.

Simple answer is that you are, rightly, cautious about running something that you are not familiar with that will "change" your system and possible adverse consequences. Acronis True Image is an insurance policy against such adverse consequences as, used properly, it can fully resstore your system if problems arise.

So what am I really saying? By all means use Ccleaner (or any other software), but why not protect yourself first with proper full system backups.

  folsom 14:35 20 Jan 2010

Good point Batch, I also use ATI to ensure a full system backup is produced on a monthly basis.

  march 16:15 20 Jan 2010


know exactly how you feel; I'm also no pc expert but followed advice from this forum & installed ccleaner, as Kevscar says its safe & simple, you dont have to make decisions you dont feel able to take

I use it regular to clean up & never had a problem

have a look here, hope it helps,

click here

click here

click here

  Bapou 17:28 20 Jan 2010

Follow all the advice regarding CCleaner as above. When completed defragment your drive, Start - All Programs - choose Accessories - System Tools - Disk Drefragmenter.

When this opens click on Analyze which will show the amount of defragmentation, then click on Defragment and leave it to do it's job. This may take some time so find something else to do away from the computer.

A cleanup with CCleaner and defrag on a regular basis should show improvement in the running of your computer.

Regarding CCleaner, in my opinion, it's the best little program you can have. It's never let me down once after clearing a bloated Registry.

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