Scanning is taking too long

  ponytail 10:04 29 Jun 2018

I have just had to scan four A4 size documents and it is taking about four minutes per page to scan when it should scan a page in a few seconds so something is not right.My OS is Windows 7 64bit.Can anyone suggest anything I can try.Thanks

  ponytail 10:21 29 Jun 2018

I was doing the scan on my laptop which is upstairs so I took it downstairs and connected it to the router with a ethernet cable and scanned again and this time it took under twenty seconds to scan a page.I know using the laptop without it being connected to the router will make it a bit slower but four minutes is a lot.Also going into a website is slow upstairs but downstairs is much faster.

  wee eddie 10:36 29 Jun 2018

What type of Scanner are you using and what type of connections does it have. Upstairs and Downstairs

  Forum Editor 10:37 29 Jun 2018

"I was doing the scan on my laptop"

Not on a scanner? I'm not sure I understand - what are you using to scan the documents?

  ponytail 13:24 29 Jun 2018

I am using the scanner on my Brother DCP-J315W printer.It is wireless upstairs and downstairs I connected it to the router with a ethernet cable

  wee eddie 13:54 29 Jun 2018

Where's the Printer/Scanner

  Forum Editor 14:29 29 Jun 2018

Right, so you are trying to scan wirelessly from your laptop to the printer/scanner, which is connected to your router.

As you already know, scanning via a wireless connection will generally take longer, and it will take longer still if the scan is in colour - the file size will be larger.

Router settings can also affect scanning speeds - which make and model do you have?

  BT 18:01 29 Jun 2018

My Epson Printer/Scanner is connected wirelessly to my Network and a scan only takes about 6 seconds (preview) and 7 seconds (Scan) for a colour scan on my WinXP desktop connected to the router by ethernet cable.

On my Win10 laptop connected wirelssly the preview is about 9 seconds and the Scan about 16 seconds

  lotvic 19:37 29 Jun 2018

Also going into a website is slow upstairs but downstairs is much faster.

Seems to confirm it - your WiFi connection upstairs is, errmm, not very good

  ponytail 06:59 30 Jun 2018

The printer/scanner is upstairs

  mrcalif 07:59 30 Jun 2018

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