Scanning to a specific folder

  ponytail 09:30 15 Sep 2014

I have some old family photos in some albums which I would like to scan and send to some relatives in Australia see my previous thread sending photos on Facebook.I have created a new folder for these but how do I tell the printer where to send them.The printer is a Brother DCP-J315W.I may have asked this question before but cannot see it.Thanks

  john bunyan 09:53 15 Sep 2014

Rather than simply scanning from the scanner, I would use a photo editing software. A free one is

You can make adjustments to size, resolution, and other things here, then simply "Save as" and point to your folder or sub folder. Remember that for screen viewing there is no point in more than 72 dpi, but you need 300 dpi for printing. Have you read anything on digital photography? Worth while doing some homework.

1]: [click here

  Woolwell 10:22 15 Sep 2014

If you use the Control Centre then Brother support article tells you how to do it. Most scanners allow you to select the destination.

  ponytail 10:25 15 Sep 2014

Hi john bunyan have solved the problem by opening control center 3 right clicking on file then clicking on control center configuration and selecting destination folder which was a new folder I created and when I scanned it went to that folder.I thought it was something to do with configuration.Thanks for replying.

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