Scanning problems and reproducing image

  Colonelkaye 11:52 25 Sep 2004

Can anyone please help or point me in the right direction before I pull my hair out!
I am currently trying to scan a DVD type sleeve insert for a home movie. The scan works okay and looks great on the screen.
I am using an epson r300 to print but the image printed is always a little bit larger and won't fit in the case! Cut it down I hear you say - but should I have to?
I thought that scanning something in and printing it back out produced an exact copy?? I have even purchased MediaFace 4 to help but this doesnt work. I have used Publisher 2003 but to no avail including cropping to the exact dimensions but this doesn't work either!!
And if anyone knows, what is the best DVD CD labelling software that allows importing of scanned images and autosizes?? as I am lost!!

  Cuddles 12:03 25 Sep 2004

Roxio and Nero both have cover design progs in them.

  Colonelkaye 12:07 25 Sep 2004

Can you answer why the scanned images are too big and not an exact copy of the image scanned?
Would Roxio and Nero autosize acoordingly?

  david4637 13:21 25 Sep 2004

You could easily paste the scanned image into word and reduce the image to the size you require. David

  pj123 14:13 25 Sep 2004

The best CD/DVD labelling that I know of is Discus from click here

I use this all the time and the templates fit perfectly, whether it's a CD or a DVD.

Unfortunately, as it is about 700mb it is not downloadable and it comes from the States.

  jack 14:24 25 Sep 2004

ExpressIt Lite that comes from RokyMountain software and ships with labelling kit sytems is the one I use.
I also 'build' one from time to time by using
Photosuite 's collage feature and/or Paint Shop Pro's pagelayout facility.

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