Scanning problem with Canon MG6150

  Terence Burchell 11:49 06 Aug 2014

I have a Canon Printer/scanner and up until recently could work through Adobe Photoshop requesting a scan and a full screen page would appear showing a long list of possible corrections to the image that I would want to work on. This list included original (ie photograph, newspaper etc.), screen correction, colour and contrast controls, size, black and white or grey scale. Now Adobe just shows WIA and an image with little control and so small that it is difficult to work on before scanning. How can I recover the full screen on the MG6150? I have tried reloading both Adobe and the Canon discs with no luck. Any help would be most appreciated.

  john bunyan 12:10 06 Aug 2014

Terence Burchell

I have a different Canon scanner. I have Photoshop CS5. If I launch it in 64 bit version, only WIA mode is available. Therefore I launch the 32 bit version, which has the TWAIN plug in, and then I have the flexible list of options you mention. Which Photoshop do you have, and is it in both 32 and 64 bit versions? There are ways of adjusting in WIA. I will have a look and post back later.

  john bunyan 12:12 06 Aug 2014

PS make sure you have the TWAIN drivers for the scanner.

  john bunyan 13:22 06 Aug 2014

PPS have you checked on the Canon website that you have the up to date drivers for your scanner? What OS - Windows 7?

  Terence Burchell 15:30 06 Aug 2014

John Bunyon.

Many thanks for your prompt reply and will see what I can find out about my system. As you might guess I am not to good with computers but have a son who is in IT and will be seeing him shortly so will put your suggestions forward to him and he might point me in the right direction.

Thanks again

  hssutton 15:52 06 Aug 2014

Are you using the 64bit version of windows?. As John says there is no 64 bit twain driver for Photoshop.

However assuming you are using windows 32 bit, Photoshop should show under FILE>>Import both "WIA Support" and also your "Canon MG6150 plus the serial number of your printer", selecting Canon to import your scan will give you all the image corrections that you say are missing.

  john bunyan 13:41 07 Aug 2014

Further to hssutton's comment - I have a 64 bit machine and Photoshop installs in both 32 bit and 64 bit modes. I use the 32 bit version for scanning as I like TWAIN, and the 64 bit when using the "File Automate Batch" command as the 32 bit programme crashes if you try it! Mad but true.

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