scanning and printing

  richard-237577 18:45 13 Aug 2004

Having just had handed me a Lexmark x1180 all in one jobbie i'm wondering if once you have scanned some handwritten text onto your computer can you then change the text format(to make it look more official)before printing it out? Hope you can as this will save me an awful lot of typing!

  Devil Monkey 19:06 13 Aug 2004

Do you want it to recognise the hand written text as it would typed text? If so, there is little chance that will work.I have not yet seen any OCR program that can reliably recognise handwritten text. But maybe there is something out there...

  Dorsai 19:07 13 Aug 2004

There is handwriting recognition stuff out there, but it is a major task. I for example, always cross my 7's as if i dont they look like my 1's, and i make my zeros very small, else they look like my 6's which have a very small tail. the 5's and S' much variation, and for you to read my writing it's obvious that "i bought 10 apples" is ten apples, but a handwriting prog sees "Lo apples"

even OCR software for scanner does not always do a very good job, and in comparison it must be an easy task.

I suspect that you have a large amoung of typing ahead.

Maybe the answer is voice recognition, as they can learn to recognise your voice, and then you could read the stuff in.

You don't say if all the hand writen stuff is by one author though. If it is, this might make the job easier on the hand writing recognition software.

  pj123 19:19 13 Aug 2004

I haven't found any OCR software that can read handwritten text yet. Even the two standard OCRs can only just read typed text (after a lot of teaching) ie. Textbridge and Omnipage. I find it much quicker to retype it. (but, then I am a copy typist at 70wpm).

  pj123 19:24 13 Aug 2004

If it is that important to you, fax it to me and I will type it up for you in Word format and email it back to you. Then you can make any alterations you like. email me if you want.

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