U730138 10:15 22 Jul 2003

I'm new to this scanning and printing game.

I have a consideravble number of slides to scan and print.

I currently have a EPSON 1660 PHOTO scanner and a CANON PHOTO S330 printer which gives reasonable results.

I would like any comments/views that if I was to upgade my scanner to say a EPSON 3200 and my printer to a CANON i950 would there be an appreciable improvEment in the quality of the prints.

I would be looking to printing upto a maximum A4 size.

Any comments, suggestions greatfully received.

  -pops- 10:22 22 Jul 2003

If you are thinking in terms of a new scanner, you might want to consider a dedicated film scanner which will give much better reproduction of 35mm negatives and transparencies than a flat bed can ever do.


  mikef. 10:43 22 Jul 2003

A good negative/slide scanner can be found here click here={C13E5C42-4F83-40A0-862A-5462552B92C2}&MC=&TRK=14 not cheap but you would really notice the difference compared with a normal scanner.

  mikef. 10:44 22 Jul 2003

Sorry try this link and wait for redirection click here

  -pops- 10:48 22 Jul 2003

click here&

click here&

Hope those links work. They should take you to Jessops scanners page click here


  RickyM 22:04 22 Jul 2003

Many thanks for your comments.

  mosfet 23:47 22 Jul 2003

Just bought an Epson Perfection 3200,
Well pleased, the film scans were far better than I expected.But I'm not a pro.

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