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  ponytail 08:38 05 Jun 2011

I am in the process of scanning some old photos for my wife and she will then email them to various family members.My question is when I go into the folder where they have been scanned to and click on them I can zoom in and make them larger.Is there anyway to make them larger when viewing as a slide show.My son said something about using paint but unsure what he means.When we email the photos it would be nice for the recipient to see larger copies when viewing as a slide show.

  Ian in Northampton 09:47 05 Jun 2011

The key is the resolution at which you've stored them on your hard drive. If you've stored them at a resolution equal to or greater than the screen's resolution, they will display as full screen images. (You're probably looking at 1,024 x 768 pixels minimum).

I use a free image editor called IrfanView. In it, I have the ability to find out information about the image - including resolution/number of pixels etc. Your image editor probably has the same facility.

If you have stored your pictures at a lower resolution in order to make the files smaller for emailing, then the only way of making them large again is to resize them - again, using an image editor. For example, you can resize an image from 300 x 200 pixels to 600 x 400 or 1200 x 800.

(I just checked: MS Paint has this facility too).

However: if you have stored an image at a low resolution, increasing the resolution will generally result in a loss of image quality - the more you enlarge it, the more the image quality will deteriorate.

What resolution are your images stored at?

  ponytail 10:04 05 Jun 2011

Hi Ian how do I find out what the resolutions are.The photos I am scanning come in various sizes but would just like to see them larger while using slide show.

  ponytail 10:25 05 Jun 2011

Hi again Ian I have just installed IrfanView.when I oppen it I go onto file then open then click on file but where do the resolutions appear it says width and height which are 2550 x 3509 but not sure what that means.

  Ian in Northampton 11:34 05 Jun 2011

Ponytail: you have the information you need right there. It looks like your pictures are 2,550 x 3,509 pixels, which is more than enough for a full screen view. If you send that file to your family members, it should be fine.

Fyi, what you're looking for in IrfanView is Image, Information. Under 'Original Size' and 'Current Size' you'll see the resolution in terms of number of pixels wide by number of pixels high.

To change the size of an image, go to Image, Resize/Resample. As well as a variety of cool options, there's one (that I only just noticed) called 'Best fit to desktop'.

Let us know if this makes sense, and how you get on.

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