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  dummyuno 06:35 27 May 2009

HP F380 is connected to Acer Aspire with WinV ista Home Premium. I want to scan a photo. I go to control panel and activate the scanner (F380). I clicke Preview. The photo is scanned OK. Then, I click Save Profile. Question: Where is it saved? I cannot find it anywhere on my Acer.

  tullie 07:25 27 May 2009

Is it not in a HP folder somewhere?

  BT 07:54 27 May 2009

Are you actually scanning the photo?
You say you click Preview, this does just that and does a Pre-scan to enable you to check that its how you want it to be. You then normally have to click Scan to do the actual scan. This is how my Microtek scanner does it.

  tullie 09:04 27 May 2009

Good thinking BT,I missed that.

  Sea Urchin 14:21 27 May 2009

.....and when you do that it should tell you (or give you the option to change) where it is to be saved.

  dummyuno 05:02 29 May 2009

There are only 3 options in the menu: Preview, SaveProfile and Cancel. Preview clealy shows the scanned photo. I assume, but may be wrong, that SaveProfile will save the scanned photo but where is it saved? Actually, I have never installed HP software since Vista is smart enough to automatically figured out that the all-in-one machine is HPF380. Scanning itself is OK. The only problem is to find where it is saved so that I can retrieve it and use it later. I cannot find any HP related folder. By the way I prefer WinXP, with which I had no problem like this.

  BT 07:20 29 May 2009

Quite honestly if it were me I would install the proper software for the scanner if I was having these problems.
Secondly I would do the thing I should have done in the first place - RTFM

  BT 07:37 29 May 2009

Perhaps you also need to download a new Vista Compatible Driver if your scanner was previously used with XP.

  Kevscar1 07:55 29 May 2009

Click Preview. Once it has done that you should have a scan button. Then scan and save as.

I have never personally used any scanners own software. Always aqquire from Paint Shop Pro.

  BT 08:01 29 May 2009

Vista drivers avilable to download here

click here

Extract from the manual, also available to download

Scan an image
You can start a scan from your computer or from the HP All-in-One. This section explains how to scan from the control panel of the HP All-in-One only.
To use the scan features, the HP All-in-One and computer must be connected and turned on. The HP Photosmart Software (Windows) or HP Photosmart Mac Software (Mac) must also be installed and running on your computer prior to scanning.
? On a Windows computer, look for the HP Digital Imaging Monitor icon in the Windows system tray (at the lower right side of the screen, near the time) to verify the software is running.
Note Closing the HP Digital Imaging Monitor icon in the Windows system tray can cause the HP All-in-One to lose some of its scan functionality. If this happens, you can restore full functionality by restarting your computer or by starting the HP Photosmart Software.
To scan to a computer
1. Place your original print side down on the left front corner of the glass.
2. Press Scan.
A preview image of the scan appears on your computer, where you can edit it.
3. Make any edits to the preview image, and then click Accept when you are

  dummyuno 07:15 30 May 2009

I went to and downloaded all-in-one f300 driver for Vista. It works just as for XP. I realized that you still need to install a driver for scanning although the printer part of all-in-one won't need it. The original f300 driver doesn't work for Vista. I just don't see much advantage of Vista vs XP so far.

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