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  Gary Wood 12:53 12 Nov 2004

I have some paper documents I want to Scan and save as PDFs. I don't need anything fancy like indexing and just want each scanned page to become a page of the PDF as it is (i.e. not OCRed).

I can do this by scanning each page and saving it, then putting each page onto a sheet in Microsoft Word and converting that to a PDF. However, this is very time consuming.

Does anyone know of a program that would let me scan pages, store them in it's memory and then when I've finished scanning just convert the whole lot, in the order I scanned the pages to a PDF? I'm sure it must be possible but can't find anything online.

Ideally, I want something freeware!


  stlucia 13:12 12 Nov 2004

A Google search "convert bmp pdf" brings up a couple of American sites (click here is one of them) which do what you want, but they're both $38. Maybe you can find a free on with a bit more searching.

  jbaker65 13:41 12 Nov 2004

Finereader scans and saves as word doc or pdf file whichever you want.

  scotty 14:03 12 Nov 2004

Finereader Pro 5 was on the cover of a magazine last month - PC Pro I think. Will do what you want (and OCR capability is excellent).

  Gary Wood 14:05 12 Nov 2004

Does Finereader Pro 5 have to convert it via OCR, though? Some of the pages I want to convert are hand written and include diagrams so for these I would need to keep the page as a graphic.

  Gary Wood 14:07 12 Nov 2004

Also - is it still on sale?

  Peter 15:56 12 Nov 2004


I think Paperport Professional 10 from ScanSoft will do what you want. See click here (Xerox) for more details.


  scotty 09:25 15 Nov 2004

Finereader will scan a document and save it directly as a pdf file (without going through a separate OCR stage). Thinking about your question, I suspect it is saving the scanned page as an image in a pdf file so you would not be able to select or edit text.

I have not visited a newsagent recently so cannot answer the question on availability, but you often find that after a program appears on one magazine's CD it is offered on anothers.

  Pesala 10:44 15 Nov 2004

Using Irfan View (click here) you can scan the documents and create a multipage TIFF image. I tested with 40 pages of a train timetable previously scanned and saved as individual GIF images, total 2.87 Mbytes. Saved as a multi-page tiff with JPEG compression the file size was 3.15 Mbytes.

  Pesala 10:50 15 Nov 2004

click here for the Irfan View multipage Tiff menu. As you can see, one can edit the Tiff file later, adding, removing, or re-ordering the pages. One can also run it as an animation and specify the time delay between each page.

PDF format is very portable. I'm not too sure how many graphics applications can handle multipage tiffs. Using Irfan View as a viewer is OK for non-commericial use. It depends what you need to do with these documents after scanning them.

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