scanning old pics

  johnnyrocker 15:53 24 Nov 2007

i am trying to scan some very old family pics to send abroad.these pics arein black and white ad after scanning them the results are too black and white if you know what i mean ie there seems to be very little contrast and it appears that i have no control either in settings before scanning or trying to correct with irfanview after. xp pro sp2 and xerox x 2400 scanner, any ideas please?


  Elderslie 15:59 24 Nov 2007

Isn't it just a case of scanning in Greyscale or even in Colour rather that Black and White, which gives you only two possibilities either Black or White? If I have misunderstood your question I apologise!

  johnnyrocker 16:02 24 Nov 2007

no i wish to scan as is and then mail them but the black comes out too heavy and cannot be reduced without affecting rest of pic, they are scanned with b&w setting.


  Elderslie 16:42 24 Nov 2007

I didn't make myself clear. You have to scan in Greyscale. If you scan in B&W you are only given two choices B or W. If the originals were sepia you'd have to scan in Colour.

  anchor 16:43 24 Nov 2007

I am not quite clear what effect you are getting; perhaps you could post an example on something like image shack, or similar.

I do a fair bit of restoration of old B/W pictures for the family; some in very bad condition. I have quite an ordinary run of the mill Canon N1220U scanner, select greyscale, and scan at about 350 dpi; (this will be reduced in the photo programme I use; Paint shop pro).

To illustrate the sort of results I get, have a look here:

click here

The first picture of my Grandmother was taken about 1910, and the hole to the top left was caused by a bullet in the 1st World war, when my Grandfather was shot - (fortunately he survived).

Original scan to the left, restored on the right.

The second picture of him with a field ambulance, (1914 vintage), was in good condition, so I decided to colourise it for the family. A lot of work, but I think the results justified it. Again, original scan is on the left.

  johnnyrocker 16:44 24 Nov 2007

they are not sepia, but i think i missed your point so i shall try again and see if it comes out different, my thanks so far


  mosfet 16:50 24 Nov 2007

I did battle with very old family pics,2yrs ago.In the end I bought an Epson Perfection 3200 & never looked back.I am still amazed how a machine can copy as good as that.

  johnnyrocker 16:54 24 Nov 2007

i may in the end go that route but at the moment the advice from eldersleigh was ver helpul and allows me to get results which i can fiddle with for acceptability.
thanks to all for input.


  fullyfitted 19:34 24 Nov 2007

don't want to hi-jack the thread but congratulations on the restoration , very impressive

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