Scanning Negatives in Photodshop

  brambles 15:23 15 Nov 2003

I have just come across some very old interesting 35mm negatives. Is it possible to scan these ? well yes it is because I have done so but how do I get a reasonable coloured image. I scanned directly into Photoshop 7 & reversed. Finished up with a pale blue image.

Any help appreciated. Canon Flatbed Scanner Type LiDE 20


  pj123 16:10 15 Nov 2003

To get good results from 35mm negs or slides you need a dedicated Film Scanner. Go to click here and search for primefilm 1800u scanner. Priced at £129. I have one and the results are very good, not exhibition quality but good enough for me.

  Diemmess 17:34 15 Nov 2003

As pj123 says you need a dedicated film scanner for the best resolution and colour response.....Price and quality of result go hand in hand, but start much more expensive than the high volume selling flatbed.

There was a "Blue Peter" like DIY device described on this forum a month or two ago. Essentially this was a white card box which stands on top of the negative on the flatbed.

It overlapped the negative all round and was triangular in the long section (about 6") and rectangular in plan and end section. Guessing, the apex of the triangle was about 110 degrees.

What it did was to give a smooth reflection to the light, but away from the negative so that no blemishes on the white card showed on the scan.

  pj123 18:15 15 Nov 2003

Diemmess, I tried that DIY solution and it didn't work the results were absolutely useless, which is why I decided on the Jessops primefilm 1800 route.

  Diemmess 18:31 15 Nov 2003

Horses for courses. Thanks for the reply.

I am not into scanning old negatives but "I know a man who is" - and he (of limited means) has paid around £400 for a quality negative scanner and has in his declining years a way of improving on a lifetime's archive of excellent photographs.
he is no longer able to get out and about taking new shots, but competes very effectively in a serious camera club with revamped shots from the last 50 years!

  pj123 12:24 16 Nov 2003

The alternative, of course, is to use a commercial lab like Coe Digital. They will put all your negs and slides onto CD for you in 3 different resolutions at a very reasonable cost. I use them for all non 35mm size negs and slides that I have. They are at click here

  brambles 16:43 16 Nov 2003

Appreciate all your recommendations.

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