Scanning Negatives.

  Pc-cillin 23:11 26 Jan 2003

I have a friend who is wanting to scan negatives.
Does anyone know of a good scanner that will do this.
They already have a scanner, but I won't do negatives. Could they get away with just buying negative scanning software or do you need to get a scanner that will do negatives?


  woodchip 23:16 26 Jan 2003

could get dedicated scanner for that job but not cheap

  Filch 14:28 27 Jan 2003

You (the friend) need a film scanner not just software. In the US good ones can be had for around US$300. There are several brands and models. I've found the Minolta Dimâge Scan Dual II to be very good. It comes with Photoshop LE, and the scanning software is good and easy to use.

  Diemmess 14:44 27 Jan 2003

Trying to round-off the good advice already offered..............
It is all a trade-off between quality and cost.

If you are serious about scanning 35mm negs then you are looking for a resolution (definition) far beyond the best ordinary flatbed scanner even with an 'attachment' for negatives.

Dedicated film scanners are the only answer for serious work and the cost curve is steep or steeper still if you want other formats as well as 35mm. There is a good range available in UK - try Jessops for ideas.

  Switcher 15:40 27 Jan 2003

My scanner is an EPSON perfection 1240U Photo A4 flat bed scanner.

I have had it about 18months and cost about £120-00 at that time and produces first class results whether used for scanning prints, negatives or slides.

You can buy a universal adaptor but I believe they are pretty hopeless.

  hoverman 15:53 27 Jan 2003

Mine scanner is an Epson Perfection 1660 Photo which has a 35mm slide & negative adapter. The results from negative film are great and are more than adequate for the non-professional home user.

  Pc-cillin 18:52 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for the replys.

There are two scanners that she has in mind:
Scanmaker Microtek 655230
Hewlet Packard JS 3570.

Has anyone got one of these? Or do you lnow where she could get some reviews on them?

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