Scanning negatives?

  badgery 23:51 05 Aug 2005

I have some colour negatives (from a friend's wedding photos) and have been asked if it is possible to get them scanned and stored on disk, as photos, to then watch as a slide show.
I have done this with 35mm transparencies, using an appropriate 35mm slide scanner, but have only got an ordinary scanner and it doesn't appear able to do negatives.
Will a specialised scanner be needed?
Any assistance most appreciated.

  Forum Editor 00:15 06 Aug 2005

will handle colour negatives easily - all you have to do is remember to set the options correctly in the software, colour negatives are colour-reversed.

You'll need a scanner capable of 48bit colour, and be prepared for some hefty file sizes. A useful scanner for this type of work is the HP ScanJet 4070 Photosmart, but there are plenty of others.

  squashman 01:26 06 Aug 2005

epson 3170 is also very good, will scan slides and negatives with good results

  badgery 07:29 06 Aug 2005

Tried again but getting no quality at all, my scanner is a Visioneer 42-bit (very basic!!) and I scan at 400dpi then 'invert', but the resulting image is no use for printing or storing. Cannot see any other options to use.

  golfpro 07:30 06 Aug 2005

If this is only a one off job, you may find it cheaper to take them to a film lab and let them do it, instead of dumping what is possibly a perfectly good scanner and buying a new one.

The Epson 3170 is very good though.

  badgery 07:37 06 Aug 2005

I was beginning to think along those lines myself - certainly not intending buying new for a one-off job for someone else's photos!

  Forum Editor 09:47 06 Aug 2005

you would be best advised to use a film lab. One of the problems with scanning colour reversal negatives is that you often don't have an original print to act as a colour reference. If your friend has the original prints of the wedding it might be an idea to let the photo lab have them, so they can tweak the scans if necessary.

  badgery 11:17 06 Aug 2005

Thanks, again - any film labs you can suggest?
Tried a couple but they only deal with 35mm and mine are 6cm X 6cm.

  pj123 11:28 06 Aug 2005

Try Coe Digital: click here

They will do 6cm x 6cm. I have had some done there because my film scanner only took 35mm. Have now got the Epson 3170 scanner which will handle up to 6cm x 9cm.

  badgery 13:31 06 Aug 2005

Will give them a shout, thanks for the info, pj123.

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