Scanning negatives

  jz 20:57 08 May 2004

I have a scanner but it didn't come with an adapter to scan film negatives, slides, etc. I think I may be able to buy and adapter (it's a Canon LIDE 50 scanner) but is it actually necessary? Does it give better quality scan compared to if I just put the negatives or slides on the scanner as I do for paper scanning?

  alB 21:09 08 May 2004

If it's anything like my Epson scanner it needs to "backlight" the film/negative to scan so I would say that it is necessary for it to work correctly, have a check on the canon website, should give you a definitive answer...alB

  Demora 21:17 08 May 2004

I Have a Canon 3200F scanner which came with the negative/slide holder. To scan a slide etc you mount it in the holder and Remove the white plastic cover, this reveals a small mirror or silver plastic reflective panel. You could try this with a piece of really shiny foil or a Plastic mirror(Maybe from Toyshop). Bearing in mind that you have to be careful NOT to scratch the glass.

I haven't tried the technique but its just a thought. AND I'd be interested to lnow how it works. (MIght give it a go with some no standard sized negatives later in the week)


The advice given by JZ and Demora sounds about right. You could also try visiting the photographic forum at click here.

  woodchip 22:08 08 May 2004

Try fixing a mirror to the lid

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