Scanning and Faxing ?

  Ray5776 17:57 19 Oct 2007

Hi everyone,
I have been reading through other postings on this but still not sure.
What I wish to do using my PC is scan in a document or diagram etc and send it directly to a fax machine and have it print. Just to clarify, fax is at another location so has to be via phone line.
Using XP pro with SP2, broadband via a Linksys router.
I only need to do this occasionally so if possible to do via PC I can bin my old Fax machine.


  Simsy 18:24 19 Oct 2007

you need to realise is that for faxing you don't use broadband.

From the transmission perpective "sending a fax" is actually making a phone call; it's just that the sounds going down the line are not speech but "whistles"

So if you're going to do it using a PC you will need an "ordinary" modem.

Assuming you have that then you can do it using WinXP. There is a "fax" feature. I can't remeber exactly how to access it, (I'm at work right now so can't check), but it might be via add/remove programmes, and look in the windows features options.

Once it is installed it's easy to do... You just get your document open, eg a "word" document, and "Print" it, choosing the Fax device as the printer.

I can't remember the exact sequence, but it's straightforward, and does work.

Note that I'm not sure what the FREE options are if you want to RECEIVE a fax!

Good luck,



  [email protected] 18:40 19 Oct 2007

Is this of any interest Ray5776
click here

  Ray5776 18:41 19 Oct 2007

Thanks Simsy,
That is what I suspected, I just wanted to be sure there was no way of doing it using BB.
I won`t bother with it if I have to dig out an old dial up modem, I will use my existing fax machine.
It was just a thought and you have answered my question i.e. No.
Thanks for your help,


  Ray5776 18:45 19 Oct 2007

Thanks Raven,
Not really what I require but I appreciate your help.


  woodchip 18:49 19 Oct 2007

You need to use a Dial-Up Modem, You may have one built into your computer. It connects to the phone side of the dsl filter You then only need free fax software that you can get on the net I used to use Bitware and it can still be found free. To receive a Fax you need to leave the Computer Switched on with Fax software running Monitor turned off

  Simsy 20:20 19 Oct 2007

it can be done in a roundabout way using broadband, if you go via a fax service. You upload/email the doc to the service and they then fax it to the destination.
I suspect there will be a charge for this!

I guess you're better with your status quo!



  Ray5776 22:42 19 Oct 2007

Thanks for your comments woodchip and Simsy.
There is usually a way around things but in my case it is not worth bothering with.
I use the fax about once every 2 months and only do that because the client prefers it even though they have E mail. It is a good job I don`t send them music or I would be asking you about tape recorders or Vinyl.
I will keep my old Fax machine up and running just for them but in reality it is time they moved on, I can send a scanned drawing or photo as an Email attachment but they are of the old school and want it to print on the fax machine, so be it, no real hardship to me but faxes are a bit outdated to me.
I suppose I could post it to them :-)


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