Scanning documents for typing?

  tippucat 15:12 02 Mar 2003

Hi all. I have installed a scanner and would like to be able to scan in a document and then be able to 'overtype' it i.e., fill in the blanks. I have looked through the instuctions and cannot identify how to complete this. Dosn't even say whether I can or not. I am using Windows XP.Thanks for your help.

  Djohn 15:22 02 Mar 2003

If you use the OCR program, such as pagemaster or similar, then you can scan and save to your H/drive. once there you can adjust/alter/edit, in any way you wish.

  Audeal 15:28 02 Mar 2003

Read this thread: click here

  'oppy 15:32 02 Mar 2003

tippucat, you should have some software on a disc with OCR (optical character recognition) when you got your scanner. This recognises the printed document, and allows you to edit the same, make sure you have installed it with your scanner instalation disc, have a look at the scanner documentation.

  Pesala 16:02 02 Mar 2003

What is needed here is not OCR. Much too slow.

Just insert the image as a full page graphic, turn off text wrap, and type on top of it, setting tabs and line-spacing to suit.

You can also do this in a Photo editing program if you want a pucker result. I filled an application form like this in Corel Photopaint. Not difficult at all, but remember to save the blank form first before you start filling it in, and save the filled one with a new filename.

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