Scanning Documents to Edit them?

  numskull 17:24 21 Oct 2003

Can anyone tell me how to scan a document (say job application form) to be able to complete it on my computer?
I can scan the document but am unable to type anything in it.

  froggg 17:31 21 Oct 2003

you should have OCR software that came with the scanner

  numskull 17:38 21 Oct 2003

Yes I do have OCR software but whatever I save the document as, it does not seem to let me add to it.

  pj123 17:48 21 Oct 2003

You need to run the OCR programme (omnipage or textbridge) or whichever one you have and then open the scanned document in it. You will probably find you will have to "teach" it before you get much sense out of it. Once that has been done you can save it as an editable document.

  graham√ 17:49 21 Oct 2003

You have to scan it as 'Editable Text (OCR)' first, to get into the program.

  NormanD 18:00 21 Oct 2003

Some time ago I loaded "Form Pilot" from a magazine cover disc. I scan in the blank form then the program lets me enter details in the relevant positions on the form. Sorry I don't know how to set up a direct link but a Google search on - Form+Pilot - should give you more information. Norman

  Chegs ® 18:50 21 Oct 2003
  Pesala 18:55 21 Oct 2003

Scan the form as a graphic into your wordprocessor. Turn off text wrap, then set tabs and adjust line spacing to fill in the form. Unless the form has to be reused many times, don't mess about with OCR.

  numskull 10:24 23 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone. I am trying out the Form Pilot software as it will be the cheapest if I decide to buy it. It seems to be ok for my use.

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