Scanning a Document to edit in Microsoft Word

  freaky 20:03 15 Mar 2005

I have a document, a scanner and Micrsoft Word 2000.

I want to scan this document, then edit it in Word. Would be very grateful for step by step instructions on how I proceed.

Many thanks,

  Jackcoms 20:09 15 Mar 2005

You need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function - which any half decent scanner should have.

  Technotiger 20:10 15 Mar 2005

Hi, it is not just a matter of scanning the doc - you need a OCR program to do this. (OCR = Optical Character Recognition.) It is then quite straightforward.

  john-232317 20:19 15 Mar 2005

Depending on the OCR sometimes its easier to retype it ;-)

  Technotiger 20:22 15 Mar 2005

click here

this is just one, there are others.


  Wuggy 10:58 16 Mar 2005

To try and give you step by step instructions (Hope these are right)You can do it 2 ways. 1. Make a scan image of your document and save it. At this point it's just a 'photo'. Start up your OCR software. If you haven't got any, as previously posted, you can install ReadIRIS Pro 6 from this month's PCA CD or last month's DVD. It's free but does a basic job. Once your OCR is running open up the scan image you made previously (File>New then browse to location) The file will then be opened and after going through a correction process should then open automatically in Word. If not, save it, open word and then open the saved file. The easier way is to set up your OCR software to import the scan direct from your scanner (there should be options to allow this) Once imported carry on as above. I don't do a lot of scanning and no doubt there are easier and more efficient ways of doing this but hopefully some kind soul will let you know. Best of Luck.

  freaky 11:24 16 Mar 2005

Many thanks to all who responded to my post, and special thanks to Wuggy for his detailed instructions.

The matter has now been satisfactorily resolved.


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