scanning and changing text

  lahorie 23:55 15 Jun 2003

Hello all.

Is there any way i can change printed text using a scanner with ocr. I'm currently teaching youngsters with disabilities how to write a short story. I ve found a cover i like but i need to change the title etc.



  Agent Smith 09:15 16 Jun 2003

Scan directly into your word processing package or scan into your ocr package and save as whatever format you word processor is and then change text as in the normal way. Hope this helps? If not e-mail me and I'll send a more detailed explanation.

  graham√ 09:31 16 Jun 2003

As Agent Smith, set the Output Type as Editable Text(OCR). Have fun.

  lahorie 12:52 16 Jun 2003

Thanks all

I'll try what you said.

  graham√ 09:16 17 Jun 2003

Email received from lahorie:

Did as you said. A couple of problems. How do i save as a word file? In the save file as box, i dont get a .doc option. Only jpeg, tiff etc. I can only scan in OCR mode in black and white when i really need to scan in colour. Any way around this and finally, how do i know which font to use ?? The ones i'm using dont seem to line up. Hope you can help

lahorie, it's best to respond in the forum, I've only used OCR once! Agent Smith may have more knowledge on the subject.

You will only be able to save as jpeg, etc., but you can use the 'insert' function in Word to import and change the text.

My scanner will only scan for OCR in black and white, I assume a professional scanner would be needed for colour.

You can only use the fonts on your PC when changing text, if it doesn't match you don't have the font.

You may have to seek guidance from a Print shop, to get a realistic cover may be beyond the PCs capabilities.

If you have Powerpoint you could design your own from scratch.

  Peter 12:06 17 Jun 2003


Often OCR programmes will only work with black text and not coloured scans, especially the cut down or older versions. You may need to scan the graphics and separate them out from the text.

When you have OCRed the black text and altered it to how you want it to be read you can insert the coloured graphics, in Word, in the position you require it.


  lahorie 12:36 17 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone


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