scanning with a canon ts8050

  MJS WARLORD 21:36 16 May 2018

I put a document in the scanner and chose save to pc , the problem is I cant find where it is actually saved to on my pc.... i opened the my image program then pressed the scan to computer option again , when the document appeared in the program and i right clicked copy , when i opened the folder where i wanted to store the doc the option to paste was greyed out.

to recap how do i choose where to save a scanned document

  wee eddie 22:02 16 May 2018

Usually, they create a Folder in either Documents or Pictures

  Forum Editor 22:50 16 May 2018

The default 'save to' location for document scans is often the documents folder, but you can specify any location you like in the scanner's options section.

  MJS WARLORD 23:03 16 May 2018

thanks to both of you , whilst waiting for somebody to answer this I found a utility program in the canon folder I did not know I had , I have done a dummmy run and by going into the softwares advanced settings you can choose where anything scanned can be saved.

it seems that the front panel "save to pc" is flawed because unless you use the software it does not seem to be saved anywhere.

  Pine Man 08:31 17 May 2018

A number of the functions of the front panel don't work as they should. I had a problem trying to do a scan via the front panel and failed. The only way to do it properly was via the software program on screen.

Canon have been aware of these issues for some time and have done........nothing!

  MJS WARLORD 13:29 17 May 2018

Hi pine man you are spot on , canons attitude to its customers suck , I once phoned them during opening hours and left the phone on speaker setting for when I got through , I let it ring for 40 minutes before I hung up.In all fairness to cannon they are not alone , almost everything you buy these days either gives no manual or you get a few pages telling you your device can do xyz but you have to figure it out for yourself , that's why forums like this are vital.

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