Scanning With Canon Pixma MG6150

  morddwyd 16:50 20 Feb 2012

When I scan using my Pixma it usually crops the margins, but frequently crops text as well.

I cannot find a setting to turn off "Auto crop".

Can anyone help please?

  john bunyan 18:59 20 Feb 2012

I use a similar Canon MP , but only use it in conjunction with Photoshop with a TWAIN plug in. I then use the custom interface. Are you using WIA?

  hssutton 20:19 20 Feb 2012


Could say how you are using the scanner? I have the MG6150, but like John I normally use WIA support in Photoshop.

I've tried to replicate your problem,but without much success. When using the "One Click" option, then "Save to PC" with "Use the Scanner Driver" selected you do get the full menu for adjusting the scan if you select "Advanced Mode"

You can deselect Auto Crop by going to "Preferences" bottom of the "Advanced Mode"

  morddwyd 09:12 21 Feb 2012

I am using it by inserting an image into a Word document.

However, it happens whatever I use, computer programme, or printer control panel, and it happens in both TWAIN and WIA

I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is, the scanner is auto cropping the white margins, but cropping them too well.

I simply cannot find the setting to turn this off, or modify it by setting my own margins.

  hssutton 16:04 21 Feb 2012

You don't say how you are getting the image into Word are you scanning direct or by pasting.

I've just spent 1/2 hour having a look at this problem and find if I scan direct into Word 2007 the scanner software comes up. Here by selecting the "Advanced Mode" I can select/adjust all the parameters and also manually adjust the crop lines accordingly.

  john bunyan 16:47 21 Feb 2012

mordddwyd. I hope you forgive me asking a supplementary question of hssutton? I have a Canon MP 640, a 8800f and PS5. I have 32 and 64 bit installed. I like the TWAIN interface which only works in 32 bit, and also stops the "file/automate/batch" command in 32 bit. If I select the WIA method I cannot find the advanced option which allows, for example, the scan resolution; I like to scan small photos at 600dpi. Adobe reccomend uninstalling TWAIN, but I want to keep its detailed controls. Sorry again for intruding! Hope you solve your problem.

  hssutton 17:05 21 Feb 2012


As you say you cannot open the scanner software in CS5 64bit when using WIA, but both WIA and twian are available in the 32 bit software.

Also I cannot find anyway to scan direct into Word 2007 using WIA, but using Twain does bring up the scanner software

  john bunyan 17:12 21 Feb 2012

hssutton. Thanks. What I do is to scan in 32 bit using TWAIN and if I want to use the Scan Automate Batch command, I switch to the 64 bit version as Adobe updates (I think relatively recently) have caused a clash in 32 bit whereby with the TWAIN plug in installed, the programme crashes when you try to run the batch command. This is discussed in various forums and Adobe seen to blame everyone but themselves for the problem!When I contacted Adobe they only suggested uninstalling TWAIN. Cheers JB

  morddwyd 21:19 21 Feb 2012

Thanks for the help, and the supplementary which is relevant..

Too late for my addled old brain tonight, but I'll have a play tomorrow.

I am running 64 bit and on reflection, I don't think I was able to get TWAIN to start, and used WIA.

I'm trying to get the image into Word directly from Word - "Insert/Picture/From Scanner"

I think what I'll try tomorrow is to install the 32 bit version on my laptop and try from there.

I'll post an update

  john bunyan 21:43 21 Feb 2012

I am pretty sure TWAIN is not 64 bit comatable. Hope it works ok in 32 bit

  hssutton 08:30 22 Feb 2012

Some versions of Word including Word 2007 do not have a scan facility, although it can be reached via "Clip Art". However there is a workaround. both methods access TWAIN

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